How to Choose the Best Sectional For Your Space

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Looking to find the best sectional for your home? Choosing to buy a sectional can feel like a huge decision, and with so many options out there, the process can understandably feel a little overwhelming. 

What type of sectional do I need? Is this a good choice for my space? What fabric should it be made out of? How can I find the best sectional for the best price?

If you are searching for the answers to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. The furniture experts at Living Designs Furniture are here to share all of their tips and tricks for finding the right sectional for your home and your needs. Follow these guidelines and you’ll end up with a sectional that you truly love for the best price!

Who can benefit from having a sectional sofa?

Before we dive into tips on how to choose the best sectional for you, let’s first determine if you would benefit from having a sectional sofa in your home. Although sectionals can come with many benefits, they may not be the solution that your home needs. 

You can benefit from having a sectional if:

  • You love hosting guests in your home 
  • You want additional seating for family (pets included) or friends 
  • You and your loved ones love to spend time in the living room area
  • You need a couch that you can stretch out on
  • You don’t have a guest bed for people to stay overnight in
  • You want to make your space feel cozier or more inviting 
  • You want a focal point in your space 

If any of these points resonate with you, a sectional sofa may be just what you need to upgrade your living space! So, how do you go about choosing a sectional?

How do I choose a sectional for my space?

Choosing the best sectional for your lounging area can be difficult if you don’t have the proper guidance. While some furniture stores will shove a million models in your face and tell you to “pick one,” Living Designs Furntiure’s experts are here to guide you through your search for a stress-free experience.

Here are some of our expert tips on what to look for when buying a sectional sofa!

1. Determine your needs 

Re-read the list we have above and see what applies to you. This can give you a better idea of how a sectional can function in your space. After all, the best sectional sofas are the ones that cater to your needs. How you intend to use the sectional will determine what type of sectional you’ll need and its ideal configuration. 

If you visit our showroom, one of our experts will likely ask you a series of questions to determine how a sectional can best fit your needs. Finding pieces that suit your lifestyle can guarantee a home full of well-loved furniture for years to come.

2. Pick a sectional type

Here at Living Designs Furniture, we offer a variety of sectionals in our showroom for you to choose from. See which of these sectional types would best suit your space!

Sofa chaise

If you’re on the hunt for a small living room sectional, a sofa chaise may be exactly what you need. The sofa provides a supportive seating area while the chaise adds a lovely lounging section that won’t take up too much space while still looking elegant and inviting.

The Montrose Sofa Chaise
The Montrose Sofa Chaise

Sofa back and bumper

Want the seating of an L sectional without closing off your space? A sofa back and bumper gives you seating versatility while maintaining a cozy feel and providing a more open look to your space.

The Midtown Back and Bumper
The Midtown Back and Bumper

Corner sectional

Corner sectionals, which are typically the largest type of sectional, can have multiple pieces depending on what you’re looking for and what can fit into your space. For example, a 3-piece corner sectional can comprise of two sofas and a connecting piece or two sofas plus a chaise! A corner sectional is a great choice for those who love to entertain, have large families, or just love multiple surfaces to stretch out on.

At Living Designs Furniture, we can create a 2-piece, 3-piece, or even a 5-piece sectional to accommodate your seating needs!

The River Oaks 3-Piece Corner Sectional
The River Oaks 3-Piece Corner Sectional

Performance fabric sectional

For those of you who have children, pets, or guests galore, you’ll need a sectional that is as durable as it is beautiful. A performance fabric sectional is the perfect investment for your home because not only will it look and feel luxurious, the fabric is specifically crafted to be stain-resistant, liquid-repellant, and in some cases, virtually indestructible. Your sectional will continue to look beautiful and feel fantastic for years to come! 

In our expert opinion, utilizing Crypton fabric — the king of performance fabrics — in your upholstery is a great way to ensure that your pieces will last a lifetime.

Crypton fabric in multiple colors and textures.

3. Choose a sectional size 

Take a good look at your living room — or whichever room you will put the sectional in — and determine what size this sectional will need to be. A sectional that is too small can make a room feel cramped whereas a sectional that is too large can make a room feel empty.

Grab a measuring tape and take down the dimensions of the room to give yourself a better idea of the sectional size you need. It’s also a smart idea to measure the doors in your home (front door and any door leading into your seating space) to make sure a piece can physically be put into your house and into the designated room. If you shop at Living Designs Furniture, we offer a variety of sectional sizes in our showroom; however, if nothing feels just right, we can create custom sized furniture that will fit your space perfectly

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than investing in a piece of furniture that isn’t the correct size. Get it right the first time with Living Designs Furniture. 

Who makes the best sectional sofas? Living Designs Furniture! 

Contrary to popular belief, finding the best sectional for your home can be a breeze when you shop at the right furniture store in Houston. Living Designs Furniture is a Houston furniture store that sells handmade, high-quality furniture for an affordable price. With us, you won’t need to settle for “almost perfect” or “good enough.” You can purchase pieces straight off of our showroom floor or create your very own sectional with our in-house designers!

When you decide to design your own sectional with us, the customization possibilities are truly endless. And the best part is, because we are the furniture manufacturer, we can offer you unbeatable prices on pre-made and fully customized furniture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Get exactly what you want and spend less? You truly can have it all. Get the best sectional for an amazing price with the help of our experts. Check out our designer furniture collections inspired by Houston sectionals that could be the perfect addition to your home. 

Visit our Downtown Houston showroom today to find your perfect sectional.

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