Create Custom Sized Furniture to Fit Any Space

April 6, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Custom-sized furniture can be a great asset to your home for many reasons. When it comes to furniture, size does matter. The right furniture pieces in the right sizes can make the room feel bigger, cozier, or whatever your desired vision is. And believe us, there is nothing more frustrating than the inability to find furniture that fits in a particular space in your home to fulfill that vision.

Because most furniture retailers don’t sell furniture pieces in a wide variety of sizes, you might have to settle for whatever is in their inventory, which can put a damper on your home design.  Why get something that was basically right or almost what you wanted when you can get exactly what you want in the exact size that fits your room. We believe that furniture should be a reflection of your personal needs and style, no matter the size.

With custom-made furniture, you will never have to settle for furniture you don’t absolutely love ever again! Here is how creating custom-sized furniture can solve many problems when it comes to furnishing your home.

Problem #1: My furniture is too big for my room

Picture this: you find the most lovely sofa at the store, you take it home, and then realize it’s too large to fit into your room. The style, color, and fabric were exactly what you wanted, but the size has ruined your vision. A custom sofa can fix that problem.

Custom living room furniture is incredibly easy to design with the help of the experts from Living Designs Furniture. You can bring your own photos for inspiration or browse through our current inventory to get your dream furniture made to your exact specifications. You can recreate anything you love with our endless options of fabrics, colors, and styles in the exact size that you need. Never sacrifice style for size ever again.

Problem #2: I can’t find anything I like in a specific shape or color

Nowadays people are getting more creative with their furniture, interesting shapes and colors can really make a space come alive. Why settle for basic designs? It can be discouraging to walk into a furniture store and not see anything that speaks to you.

Sizing and style are two of the most common complaints that we hear from customers who feel restricted in their furniture choices. We’re here to give you the freedom to find what you want in the exact size and style that you want. 

With our custom capabilities, you can create almost anything in any size, shape or color. Whether you’re on the hunt for an “L” shaped couch, a curved design, or nearly anything in between, we can help your unique vision come to life at Living Designs Furniture.

Problem #3: I can’t find quality furniture for small spaces

Let’s face it: most furniture is not made with small spaces in mind. And odds are if you do come across compact-sized furniture, especially apartment furniture, the pieces may not be comfortable, durable, or aesthetically pleasing. Why should you have to sacrifice quality or style to accommodate a smaller space? You don’t have to! 

You can design and create a custom sofa, a custom sectional, or even custom upholstered bed frames to fit any space with Living Designs Furniture. We have an endless variety of fabrics and furniture styles that can suit any lifestyle in any home. Simply send us your preferred dimensions of the furniture piece and our experts will help your vision come to life. 

Create custom-sized furniture with Living Designs Furniture’s experts

Big, small, short, tall…Living Designs Furniture can do it all. When it comes to the vibe of your home, the size of your furniture does matter! When you buy furniture directly from the manufacturer, creating custom-sized furniture is easier than ever. You don’t need to be a craftsman yourself to know how to design your own furniture — our experts and design team will guide you through the entire process. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a four-story mansion, Living Designs Furniture can bring your furniture vision to life no matter what size. Browse our custom furniture gallery for inspiration then visit our showroom in East Downtown Houston and speak with a designer today.

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