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Do Kids and Leather Couches Go Together?

The surprising answer is sometimes a resounding “yes.” Living and family rooms in Houston homes can experience some serious abuse. Whether it’s kids plopping down on them in muddy clothes, guests spilling wine on them or pets shedding all over them, there are virtually limitless ways your cherished furniture can become tarnished over time.

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Leather is generally synonymous with luxury, and when people think luxury they often think fragile or something that’s easily marred. Leather furniture can often be significantly more resistant than their upholstered counterparts.

Just think about where it comes from – cows. Cows do a lot of standing around in sometimes harsh environments filled with mud and rain. Their skin, like the skin of most animals, has evolved to protect the animal in acclimate conditions, making it impermeable and tough. These properties transfer to leather couches, making them more resistant to spills, stains, punctures, and tears.

More Than Just Beauty and Durability

Living Designs Leather Furniture options, family friendly, designer fabrics and upholstery, direct furnitureMany children suffer from allergies in the Houston area. Fortunately, leather furniture is considered a very hypoallergenic option compared with traditional fabric sofas. Thanks to their smoother surface and impermeability, leather sofas don’t absorb as many allergens and can be easily cleaned when they do.

In terms of regular maintenance, all you really need to do to keep leather looking great is dusting as you would any other furniture. It generally doesn’t require deep upholstery cleaning or regular vacuuming. You will want to avoid many traditional all-purpose cleaning chemicals and methods as they could damage the material. Leather conditioners are also available and can be applied to prevent drying or cracks. The type of leather conditioner to use and the frequency with which it’s recommended can be determined by the manufacturer – or you can contact Living Design Furniture for more information.

Although you won’t have as many color or pattern options as you may have with fabric upholstered furniture, there are still many different shades and types of leather available. Regardless of your décor, it likely won’t be difficult to find a leather color to match.

Likewise, there are various grades and thicknesses of leather available, so if durability is especially important to you due to pets or children you can find an option that will suit your needs. If you’re more interested in the aesthetics there are leather options for that as well.

Decide Whether Fabric or Leather Upholstery Is Best for Your Home and Family

At Living Design Furniture, we put an emphasis on comprehensive customer service, which includes access to our professional and highly experienced design professionals. They can help you determine which fabric options are best for your lifestyle and home decoration as well as inform you about the benefits of specific fabrics or leather types. You can schedule a consultation today by calling (713) 921-5098.

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