Tips for Finding Quality Sectional Sofas in Houston

November 2, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Historically, finding quality sectional sofas for great prices in Houston has been a tall task — but not anymore, thanks to quality construction and prices that can’t be beaten at Living Designs Furniture!

Because there are so many different types of sectionals to choose from, it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out what the best sectional for you and your needs is. Luckily, you have the furniture experts from Living Designs Furniture to help you on your furniture-buying journey. If you’re struggling to find the perfect sectional for your home, we have expert tips to share with you to make the shopping process simple and stress-free.

If you book a free design consultation, our experts can not only help you find a good quality sectional sofa, they can provide you with exactly what you are looking for and offer expert guidance on design choices that some professionals charge thousands for! Did we mention that this consultation is FREE? We truly are the furniture store that keeps on giving. 

Now, let’s get into tips for finding quality sectional sofas at great prices for your home. 

Tip #1: Find the right furniture store 

Although Houston is littered with furniture stores, where you shop to find your perfect sectional matters. Not all furniture stores are created equal, and there is a high possibility that many retailers will not have what you are looking for. One of our best furniture buying tips is to shop at a local furniture manufacturer that can sell you quality sectionals at a great price. 

According to Houstonians, some of the best-quality sectional sofa manufacturers in the city are at Living Designs Furniture. When you shop in our showroom, you are shopping from a selection that was handmade by our expert craftsmen, not mass-produced pieces. We sell quality sectional sofas because we make quality sectional sofas. It’s that simple.

Tip #2: Look at the materials used to make the sectionals

Regarding what to look for when buying furniture, you should always look at the materials. Investing in a sectional made with high-quality materials is crucial for the longevity of your furniture, the comfort and support of that piece, and its aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, many fast furniture companies do not create their sofas using quality sectional components — but we do.

When searching for the right sectional, consider the following:

  • The upholstery fabric: Is it both durable and comfortable?
  • The frame: What material is it made from? Is it sturdy enough to last a long time?
  • The cushions: Are they made from cheap memory foam or high-quality foam that will provide both comfort and support?

Because we handcraft every piece of furniture that we sell in our showroom, our sectionals are made with the highest quality materials available. We use locally sourced hardwood, durable upholstery fabrics, and high-density cushions to create a durable, comfortable, and beautiful sectional that will last you a lifetime. We provide quality and style for incredible prices — no need to settle for less. 

Tip #3: Factor in your lifestyle needs

A big mistake that shoppers make is purchasing a sectional that is not compatible with their lifestyle. For example, a homeowner who loves red wine and has two dogs should not own a white linen sectional — it’s a recipe for disaster! You need a sectional sofa that will not only complement your home aesthetically but will fit your lifestyle and perform to your standards. 

Everyone has different needs. A hostess may need help finding the best sectional sofa for family get-togethers with enough seating space for the whole crew. A mother of three kids should look for a sectional made with durable, stain-resistant fabric that is still soft and comfortable to the touch, like a performance fabric sectional. What you need out of your sectional is unique, so why settle for a sectional that isn’t right for you? News flash: you don’t have to. 

Our experts can help you determine how to buy a sectional sofa that is right for your lifestyle needs and that will fit your budget as well. 

Tip #4: Consider customization 

Have you ever fallen in love with a sectional but didn’t find the cushions that comfortable? Have you ever liked the style of a couch but hated the color? Have you ever wished that you could update a sectional or add personal touches to make it more unique? If so, you should consider shopping with a furniture store that provides customization options. 

One quality that makes Living Designs Furniture so special is that we can completely customize any sectional to your exact specifications. We can update any existing sectional in our showroom or create a completely unique sectional from scratch! Or, if you happen to love a trendy design but hate the incredibly high price tag, such as the famous Cloud Couch, we can recreate it for you at a fraction of the cost — and it’ll be better than the original because it was made for you!  

You can rest assured that you’re getting the best custom furniture for the best prices when you shop with us. 

Looking for quality sectional sofas? Look no further than Living Designs Furniture!

Quality sectional sofas are easy to find when you shop at Living Designs Furniture. Our sectionals are handcrafted to be more comfortable, more durable, more affordable, and more beautiful to enhance your home’s aesthetic and your relaxation. You won’t find a good quality sectional sofa for a better price anywhere else because no one can replicate our craftsmanship. You can invest in a quality sectional knowing that it will last a lifetime and be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

Whether you’re looking to customize a piece or simply upgrade your space, visit our showroom in Downtown Houston to find your dream sectional. Don’t forget to book your FREE design consultation today! Our experts are here to help you bring your vision to life.

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