Why is Handmade Furniture Important?

March 7, 2024  ·  7 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

In today’s world, where speed and convenience often reign supreme, many customers tend to look past the benefits that handmade furniture can provide for not just their homes but for their everyday lives. While mass-produced, fast furniture may seem enticing for its low prices, these pieces aren’t created by skilled craftsmen who understand how to make quality furniture with comfort and longevity in mind. But our furniture is.

Our furniture experts and designers are here to discuss the importance of handmade furniture, explore its benefits, provide tips on how to shop for high-quality furniture, and showcase how Living Designs Furniture can provide you with top-tier, handmade pieces for less.

​​What are the benefits of handcrafted furniture? Handmade furniture is…

  • Quality and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Beautifully designed
  • Customizable 
Dark blue velvet Banquette by Living Designs Furniture

​​What are the benefits of handcrafted furniture?

There are countless benefits of handmade furniture and countless reasons why purchasing quality pieces is essential to creating a liveable home environment. Some of those reasons include: 

Top-tier quality 

Ask yourself why furniture design is important. Furniture design matters because it influences how we interact with our spaces, how we live our daily lives, and ultimately, how we feel in our homes.

Handmade furniture can provide you the durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal that can only be captured through expert craftsmanship. 

In other words, quality handmade furniture will look great, last long, and be able to withstand daily use, meaning you will be able to keep it in your home for longer, which will in turn save you money. 

White sectional in Nomad Snow performance fabric by Living Designs Furniture.

Attention to detail

Some people believe that they need to sacrifice style for quality and vice-versa when shopping for furniture, but that is a myth here at Living Designs Furniture. Our furniture designs provide a chic and timeless feel with fresh elements that help them blend in seamlessly in any home. From tufting, channeling, and adding other design elements, our pieces are unique yet timeless. 

Our experts work tirelessly to craft furniture that is polished and strong in every element. We don’t cut any corners when creating our pieces so that you can enjoy only the best quality possible. This ability to create furniture that is stylish and functional is not something you can find at any handmade furniture store.

Three armchairs made by Living Designs Furniture.


This one may come as a shock but hear us out. You may think that you’re saving hundreds of dollars or more by buying a cheap couch, but the truth is that in a few years, you’re going to be paying more money to replace that couch as it wears down. High-quality furniture is a money saver in the long run as you may never have to replace it. We also understand that, at other retailers, handmade furniture can often come with a much higher price tag than mass-produced pieces. We offer factory-direct prices and in-store furniture financing options so that you can pay at your own pace to get the furniture you need for your home.

So, why is handmade furniture so expensive? It comes down to the significant attention to detail, creativity, and labor invested in making each piece of furniture. But here’s another secret: you’re often paying for a furniture retailer’s shipping costs, supply chain issues, and seasonal mark-ups on materials and furniture that they have ordered from all over the world — but not at Living Designs Furniture because we are the furniture manufacturer. 

For Houston residents, Living Designs Furniture takes this experience a step further, offering not just superior quality furniture in Houston but also the unique advantage of factory-direct prices. We eliminate third-party fees that allow us to keep our costs low and our quality high.

Dusty purple velvet sofa by Living Designs Furniture.


When you purchase furniture from any normal retailer, you’re limited to what is on their showroom floor or website catalog. These limits can often lead you to settle for furniture that you don’t vibe with or that doesn’t fit perfectly into your space. Purchasing handmade furniture from a furniture manufacturer opens the door to customization which means that your pieces can be tailored to fit perfectly into your lifestyle and décor, ensuring that you will never tire of your perfect piece. 

Is custom furniture worth it? Do you want furniture that you’ll love forever, fits perfectly into your space, aligns with your aesthetic goals, and meets your lifestyle needs all for a great price? Then yeah, custom furniture is worth it. Living Designs Furniture is one of the few custom furniture makers Houston has voted as having the highest quality furniture in town. 

Because we only sell furniture we create, our expert craftsmen can customize any piece to your liking. Whether you want to upgrade to performance fabric, customize the density of your couch cushions, or create a piece from scratch, Living Designs Furniture can do it all for a much better price. 

How to shop for high-quality furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, choosing the right pieces is not just a matter of filling your space. Selecting furniture for your space should be a well-planned process, and is understandably a journey that can be overwhelming to some homeowners. Where do I even start? Where should I shop? How do I know if this piece is good quality? How will I know if this will fit into my space? 

Don’t fret, here are our expert tips for how to shop for high-quality furniture:

  • Shop with a local furniture manufacturer: If you’re searching for the best handmade furniture store to begin your furnishing process, Living Designs Furniture has everything you need for upholstered furniture. You can support a local business while feeling confident about the quality and prices of your pieces. 
  • Book a design consultation: Speaking with an expert can help you determine the best material, style, and configuration for your home all within your budget. Our furniture experts understand both the aesthetic and functional sides of design as well as the manufacturing process of furniture, meaning that they can offer you more insight than an average salesperson.
  • Ask about the materials: Understanding what materials make furniture durable and long-lasting, such as hardwood and performance fabric, will allow you to make better purchasing decisions. We make all of our handmade furniture using the highest-quality products possible that are built to last.

Fill your home with quality, handmade furniture in Houston for amazing prices!

It’s simple: handmade furniture is the best choice you can make for your home due to its quality, durability, and beauty.  If you’re on the hunt for handmade furniture that will elevate your home to new heights, look no further. 

At Living Designs Furniture, customers are invited to explore an array of expertly crafted pieces that set the standard for what handmade furniture stores can offer in terms of quality and affordability. Our customers have said that we are the greatest furniture store Houston has to offer because of our incredible expertise, commitment to quality, fresh designs, and factory-direct prices. We craft furniture that is meant to elevate your everyday life as well as last a lifetime. 

Ready to make your dream home a reality? Book a free design consultation to speak one-on-one with our design experts and visit any of our showrooms in Downtown Houston or The Woodlands to start shopping for handmade furniture in Houston today!

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