What is the Best Fabric for a Sofa?

July 15, 2021  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Choosing the best fabric for a sofa can all come down to what yourneeds are in your home. Because there are many upholstery fabrics to choose from, our experts have answered some frequently asked questions surrounding the main question, “What is the best fabric for a sofa?”

When you decide to create your perfect custom sofas in Houston, peruse our models of sofa styles, sizes, and configurations to spark inspiration. Now, let’s talk about fabric.

Q: What fabric is most durable for a sofa?

A: In our 40+ years of manufacturing furniture, we’ve found that heavy-weighted and tight weave fabrics have more durability and will last longer. Tightly woven fabric is better for keeping dirt and liquids out of the fibers while also being less likely to snag and tear. When browsing our selection of fabrics, feel free to ask our furniture experts about the “Abrasion Count” quality for the fabrics that interest you. An Abrasion Count is measured in “double rubs” which can give you a general idea of the durability a fabric will have over time. 

Here are a few recommendations we have for durable sofa fabric types:

  • Leather: A tried and true upholstery material that has always been a top contender for long lasting durability. We even have some leathers that are better for pets and require very little upkeep.
  • Wool: Soft and thick, this fabric can be blended with synthetic fibers for even higher durability.
  • Micro Fiber: A soft, high abrasion count, velvet-like fabric. Micro Fiber is mostly hollow, stays cool, and features a natural stain and odor resistance. 
  • Nylon: A very strong upholstery fabric that is resistant to pilling and fading.
  • Polyester: It’s hard to find performance fabrics that don’t include polyester because of its remarkable compatibility and ability to strengthen and support. 

Not all sofa fabrics serve the same purpose. If you want a durable couch that is long lasting with less maintenance, choose a fabric from our list above. Other fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton are less practical and may be better suited to couches that are meant to be seen more than sat on. 

Q: What is the easiest couch fabric to clean? 

A: Fabrics made ofnatural fibers like leather have high stain resistance and are a great option for households with children or pets. Synthetic fabrics like vinyl and micro fiber are affordable, easy-to-clean fabric options for your sofa. Treated fabrics are our personal favorite to suggest for anyone that has concerns about keeping their furniture pristine without the headache of maintenance. 

Beware of upholstery fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton. These fabrics are typically prone to staining and are harder to clean. 

The best fabric for a sofa: Our expert recommendation 

If you’re looking for our ultimate fabric recommendation for your couch, let us introduce you to Crypton.

Durable, comfortable, and zero maintenance, our Crypton offers you everything you could need in a sofa fabric. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and prints, you can create a beautiful, personalized sofa that will last and last! So, how does it work?

Crypton has an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface of the fabric, allowing your furniture to stay clean no matter the mess. No need for tedious spot cleaning! Not only is it durable, but it feels luxurious and is considered a top-of-the-line option, without the leather price tag! The stain resistance technology and environmentally friendly factors are just a few of the many reasons we recommend Crypton fabric as the best fabric for a sofa.

Living Designs Furniture Can Help You Build Your Dream Sofa

Still unsure what would be the best fabric for a sofa for your home? Have no fear, our furniture experts are available to help you choose a fabric that would best suit your sofa, your home, and your lifestyle.

If you’re looking to build a sofa in Houston, Living Designs Furniture can help bring your vision to life with expert level service that makes customizable furniture stress-free and cost savvy. Our vast selection of custom furniture options allows you to design your own furniture to reflect your personality in every piece. We create every piece of custom furniture made-to-order at our factory direct prices that put unique, high-quality furniture within reach for all. 

Visit our Houston showroom today or call 713-921-5098 to speak with a specialist today.

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