Why You Should Book a Free Design Consultation

October 6, 2023  ·  7 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

If you’re remodeling your home or indulging in a room makeover, you would benefit greatly from a free design consultation with an expert at Living Designs Furniture. Some interior designers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars in hourly rates and markups for the advice and guidance our experts are willing to give you entirely for FREE! Why? 

We believe that every Houston homeowner should have their dream space filled with their dream furniture — but sometimes the journey to your destination can feel bumpy or overwhelming, especially if you choose to go it alone. With the help of a furniture expert by your side, you can do less guesswork and feel confident in your design choices for your home. We simplify the process and provide you with an efficient and fun experience that will leave you ready to make the space of your dreams a reality. 

If you are interested in sitting down with one of our experts in our Downtown Houston showroom, book a free design consultation with us today!

What’s included in a design consultation?

During your one-on-one design consultation, you will sit down with one of our furniture experts who will discuss your design project with you in depth. Here is what we will consider and discuss during your free interior design consultation with Living Designs Furniture:

1. Your space

When designing a room and its contents, you first need to evaluate the space itself to determine your overall desired look and furniture configuration. We will ask that you bring exact measurements of the room(s) that you are planning to refurnish so that our experts can have a clear idea of the dimensions you’re working with. With those measurements in hand, we can help you to determine:

  • The function: How will this room operate in your home? Will this space be purely for entertaining guests, a place for the family to spend quality time, or will it be a multipurpose space? Knowing how you want your space to function will help determine the best furniture pieces to choose from as well as inform overall design choices. 
  • The focal point: When someone enters the room, what do you want their eyes to be immediately drawn to? What will be the center that ties it all together? The focal point is meant to be the defining feature of the space, especially if that room does not have architectural features acting as the natural centerpiece, such as a fireplace. For example, your focal point can be a cool and comfortable sectional or an eye-catching armchair. 
  • The flow: The “flow” of a room can speak to how the furniture is actually laid out in your space (also known as furniture configuration) and how these pieces interact with one another. Ignoring room flow can be a recipe for disaster as the layout may be awkward or clunky unless you strategically plan how each piece can work together in your room in a way that makes sense. 

With all of this information, our experts can help you draft up an idea or multiple ideas of how your space can look and operate in your home.

Digital drawing of a living room floor plan.

2. Your stylistic goals

Now that you have an idea of how your space will look, it’s time for the fun part: choosing your style! Your style refers to your aesthetic choices that encompass the overall look and feel, materials, textures, and patterns. In our furniture styles guide, we showcase multiple furniture styles and the benefits of each. 

Style is an incredibly personal choice, so it’s important that your choices reflect who you are to create a cohesive look that you will love. Our experts will take the time to get to know you and help you decide on your furniture style and aesthetic desires depending on your personal preferences. Whether you’re a funky trendsetter or adore timeless treasures, we can help you find or create your dream furniture.

Custom olive green couch styled with blue and white accents made by Living Designs Furniture.

3. Your lifestyle

We’ll let you in on a little secret: some interior designers may know how to source pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, but not many know how to buy furniture for your lifestyle. Sure, that bright white sofa may look gorgeous in your living room…but it won’t look so pretty after your black cat sheds all over it. Or maybe they suggested that you use linen for all of your upholstery fabric, completely unaware that you host Wine Wednesdays in your living room. 

When you book a free design consultation with us, we consider all of the elements of your household that factor into your daily life. Whether you have kids or pets, love to host guests, or prefer to eat dinner on the couch, we can recommend the styles, fabrics, and configurations that will work well with your life.

Woman with dog and daughter on a blue couch.

4. Your unique needs

Your style preferences and lifestyle choices are all very personal things that should be reflected in your furniture — and so should your unique needs. How often have you gone furniture shopping and wished that the couch cushions were a little firmer or that the back of that armchair had more lumbar support? Probably too often. While most furniture stores have a what-you-see-is-what-you-get model, Living Designs Furniture can fully customize any piece of furniture to meet your needs. 

Because we handcraft every piece of furniture that we sell, we have the ability to create the best custom furniture in the Houston area! Here are some examples of ways we can customize your furniture to suit your individual needs:

  • You can customize the comfort level of your cushions
  • You can customize the shape and size of each piece
  • You can customize the upholstery fabric (we have hypoallergenic options like Crypton!)
  • You can customize the height, width, and length of your piece
  • And more!

Whether your needs are aesthetic, medical, or personal, we can accommodate them so that you can have your perfect furniture. Our customers should never have to settle for less.

Furniture expert helping a client choose couch cushion comfort level.

5. Your budget

You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, this sounds great and all, but how much is this going to cost me?” A lot less than you would think. Throughout your entire consultation, our experts make recommendations and choices based on your pre-discussed budget so that you can get everything you want for a price you can afford.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing your pieces directly from a furniture manufacturer is that you can get luxury furniture without the luxury price tag! Our factory-direct business model allows us to cut out the middleman which means we can provide fair prices for our customers with no unnecessary extra fees. 

We don’t believe that beautiful, functional, and high-quality furniture should cost you an arm and a leg. With Living Designs Furniture, your vision can come to life for a price that you will love!

Book your free design consultation with a Living Designs Furniture expert today!

If you’re looking for furniture stores with free design services, look no further than Living Designs Furniture! In fact, we’d be so bold as to say that we have the best free design consultation service in Houston, due to our experts’ attention to detail and ability to cater to your needs with our custom furniture capabilities. 

Our furniture experts understand both the aesthetic and functional sides of design as well as the manufacturing process of furniture. There are many designers who can help you create a beautiful and eye-catching space, but rarely take your daily life and needs into consideration, leading to frustration and regrets later. Not with us.

Our team of experts can help you determine the best material, style, and configuration for your home all for a price that you will love. Your dream home may be one conversation away with a free design consultation. 

Visit our Downtown Houston showroom to see what we have in store or speak with a designer about starting your very own custom project today. You can also view our designer furniture collections for inspiration or to get a better idea of what our craftsmen are capable of.

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