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If you are a homeowner who is passionate about hosting guests, then finding the best furniture store for hosts to buy your pieces from can be very beneficial. Choosing furniture with the intention of hosting guests creates a different kind of shopping experience that not every furniture store in Houston can accommodate. You’re going to have to dive deeper into functionality, quality, and aesthetics to find furniture that will best accommodate your friends and family.

The design experts here at Living Designs Furniture are here to share how you can find the perfect guest-ready furniture for your unique space. From guest room ideas to living room seating, we have everything you need to furnish your home with elevated, quality, and stylish pieces, all for a great price point. 

Why is choosing the right furniture for hosting guests important?

If you are new to hosting or simply want to elevate your hospitality, you may have asked yourself, “How can I be a better host to guests?” Aside from making your home feel clean, warm, and inviting, you want your guests to feel comfortable — and the best way to do that is by investing in comfortable furniture

Nowadays, it seems as if furniture brands are prioritizing aesthetics and style over comfortable furniture, always making you choose between the two. However, Living Designs Furniture allows you to bring home stylish pieces that don’t just look great but also feel great. And because they’re handcrafted here in Houston by our designers, they are durable and built to last. 

Our expert furniture recommendations for entertaining

How do you accommodate guests in a living room? When hosting friends or family, it’s crucial to have furniture that supports the needs of your visitors. Here are a few staple items that our design experts believe should be in every host’s home for a comfortable entertaining experience. 

1. Spacious sectional

White sectional in Nomad Snow performance fabric by Living Designs Furniture.

Sectionals are one of our favorite furniture pieces for living rooms because of their comfort and style. There are different types of sectionals that each serve a different purpose depending on your space and your needs. Not only do sectionals look luxurious, but they also provide a great amount of comfortable seating space for any number of guests. Whether you’re hosting a watch party, movie night, game night, or a holiday party, a sectional will ensure that your guests will be cozy and no one is left standing.

Expert Tip: When you host guests in your home, accidents happen. To avoid stubborn stains, upgrade to a Crypton fabric sofa. This impenetrable performance fabric will keep your sectional clean, stain-free, and looking luxurious 24/7. Now, you and your guests can enjoy wine night in peace.  

Sectionals come in all shapes and sizes that can be tailored to fit your living room and your needs. If you want tips on how to choose the best sectional for your space, our design experts have all of the information you need to bring home your perfect sectional sofa.

2. Sleeper sofa

Light gray sleeper sofa by Living Designs Furniture.

How do you host guests in a small house? If you are hosting overnight guests and your home does not have a guest room, a sleeper sofa is the next best thing to a guest bed. Let’s be honest, nothing is more uncomfortable than having to sleep on an air mattress. Most guests would rather book a hotel than wake up with aches and pains, making the sleeper sofa the perfect solution!

Utilizing multipurpose furniture such as the sleeper sofa is a great way to provide guests with the seating arrangements or sleeping quarters they need while minimizing clutter and making the most of a smaller floor plan. 

Want to get a sleeper sofa that is as comfortable as a real bed? Living Designs Furniture not only creates sleeper sofas that are large enough for your guests, but they are also incredibly comfy due to our top-quality cushions that are made with the same high-density foam that our sister company, Texas Mattress Makers, uses in their mattresses, so your guests can get a great night’s sleep away from home. 

3. Cozy armchairs

Burnt orange armchair by Living Designs Furniture.

Whether you’re searching for extra seating ideas for a party or simply want beautiful accent pieces to stand out in your space, utilizing multiple armchairs can be a great addition to any home.

Armchairs are fun pieces to shop for because of how different they can be. They truly come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to play around with different designs that can work well in any room. And because armchairs are smaller than sofas, they can be easily moved around to accommodate whatever setup you desire. With our endless amount of fabric textures and color choices, you can show off your personal style with fun chairs that your guests will rave about.

Armchairs are not only good for indoor rooms but can also be cozy touches to any outdoor space! With the right fabric choice and base materials, such as our teak wood patio furniture upholstered with performance fabric, you can transform your patio into an entertaining space.

Why Living Designs Furniture is the best furniture store for hosts

Not only have our customers called us one of the best furniture stores in Houston for upholstered furniture, but our factory-direct model makes us the best furniture store for hosts. If you’re beginning your shopping journey for the perfect sofa, sectional, chairs, or other upholstered pieces, start by visiting a Living Designs Furniture showroom. You won’t need to go anywhere else. Here’s why.

Stress-free shopping experience

As a smaller, local furniture company here in Houston, we offer a curated selection of quality furniture to eliminate decision fatigue so you can find what you want faster. Our design experts are also here to provide you with a more personalized shopping experience tailored to your tastes, needs, and budget. We have what you need for hosting guests in your home — and if we don’t, we can make it. 

Custom furniture options

What if we told you that you never had to settle for “almost perfect” ever again? Our in-house craftsmen allow us to create fully customized furniture exactly how you want it. Do you want to change the color of that couch? Easy. Want to upgrade to performance fabric? Of course! Want that sectional but in a different size or style to match your space? We’re on it. Every piece in our Houston-inspired collections and showroom items can be customized to fit your needs — or you can create unique custom furniture from scratch.

No compromises on quality

As the furniture manufacturer as well as the retailer, we make every piece we sell in our onsite factory. No mass-produced pieces in sight! We only use the highest quality materials available to create each and every piece in our showrooms. If you want furniture that is durable, comfortable, and stylish all for an attainable price, look no further than Living Designs Furniture.

Factory-direct prices

Whoever said quality, beautiful furniture had to be overpriced clearly has never shopped with us. Purchasing your furniture directly from the manufacturer allows you to avoid third-party fees since the middlemen are cut out from the equation. If you decide to shop with Living Designs Furniture, you can get the best quality furniture for the best prices guaranteed.

Hosting guests in your home? Shop with us today for quality, guest-ready furniture!

Whether it’s your first time hosting guests in your new home or you’re a seasoned pro, Living Designs Furniture has the perfect furniture you need for your home. We take the guesswork out of the shopping experience so you can simply focus on what you want. Our selection of sectionals, sofas, chairs, and more will transform your home into a cozy and welcoming sanctuary for all of your loved ones.

If you’re ready to impress your guests, visit any of our showrooms in Downtown Houston or The Woodlands or book a free design consultation to speak with a design expert one-on-one about your vision. Walk-ins are always welcome. 

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