How to Measure Furniture and Your Space

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Are you about to start a refurnishing project but are unsure of how to measure furniture and your space properly? Are you tired of wondering, “Will my furniture fit?” when you’re out shopping? Take the guesswork out of the furniture buying process and save yourself precious time and money by learning how to measure furniture and your space properly. 

Measuring furniture and understanding how it fits into your living space is one of the most crucial steps when learning how to furnish a new home. One of the biggest furniture buying mistakes that homeowners often make is purchasing a piece without measuring it or their space, resulting in furniture that doesn’t fit properly — or in some cases, can’t even fit through the door! Have no fear, our experts are here to provide tips for measuring furniture and insights on how measuring properly will help you select the perfect pieces for your unique home. 

Before beginning your room makeover, be sure to book a free design consultation with our experts who will guide you through the entire process and help you choose pieces that will fit perfectly into your room. Through this consultation, you can get design advice (that most professionals would charge thousands of dollars for) for free!

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Why is it important to know measurements of the room before you start decorating? 

One of our biggest tips for new homeowners or anyone shopping for furniture is this: before you begin your room makeover, you need to know the dimensions of your space. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Proper measurements of the room you’re decorating ensure that the furniture and decor pieces you choose are proportionate to the space (not too large or too small). 
  2. Knowing the measurements can also dictate your furniture placement so that you can move freely throughout the room and be sure that everything fits in its designated arrangement. 
  3. Accurate dimensions help to avoid the common mistake of purchasing items that may be too large to fit through doorways or navigate hallways during delivery. 

Selecting the right-sized upholstered furniture is the best way to ensure that your room is balanced and that your furniture will be functional in your space — but this can only happen if you learn how to measure furniture that will fit into your space the way you want it to. 

How do you measure a living room for furniture?

To take accurate living room measurements:

  • Step 1: Measure the length, width, and height of the room so that you have a clear idea of what area is available to you. This will be especially important if you live in an apartment or a smaller space and are shopping for apartment-sized furniture. 
  • Step 2:Pay attention to architectural features such as windows, doors, and any built-in elements that might impact furniture placement. Be sure to measure your room’s doors as well as your home’s main entry door to ensure that your new furniture will be able to get inside.
  • Step 3: Once you have the room’s dimensions, factor in the space needed for comfortable navigation around furniture. Nothing is more annoying than squeezing behind a sofa or sectional just to get out the door.
  • Step 4: Account for any additional pieces you plan to include, such as coffee tables or side tables.
  • Step 5 (optional): If you’re having trouble visualizing how furniture will fit, use masking tape or whatever else you have available to outline the dimensions on the floor. This step allows you to experiment with different layouts before making a final decision. 

By considering these factors and utilizing visual aids, you can confidently measure your living room for furniture that will fit comfortably and perfectly into your space. Be sure to take plenty of photos of your space as well!

Tips for how to measure furniture 

Now that you have the dimensions of the space you’re working with, it’s time to gather the furniture measurements. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, chair, or sectional, it’s likely that you currently have living room furniture in your space (unless you’re starting completely from scratch). Having current chair, sectional, or sofa measurements will allow you to either find a similarly sized piece or a new configuration to better accommodate your new space while you’re shopping. In other words, you’ll know what size pieces will fit and what won’t.

It’s time to grab your tape measure! Here are some tips for how to measure furniture: 

  • Length: Measure from one end of the sofa, chair, sectional, or loveseat to the other. Take this measurement along the longest part of the furniture for more accuracy.
  • Width: Measure the width of the furniture by determining the distance from one side to the other, typically the shorter dimension.
  • Height: Find the height of your furniture by measuring from the base to the highest point. This is often the backrest or arms.

Take photos as you go and document notes of every dimension somewhere where you can access it easily (a notes app would work!). Having this information will prevent you from buying a piece that is too large or small for your room.

How do I find the right size furniture?

If you’re struggling to find furniture that fits just right for your space, Living Designs Furniture can build custom furniture to your exact specifications. Unlike other stores that limit you to their current inventory, we can create custom-sized furniture in any configuration that you need. 

If you can’t find the perfect fit while shopping for furniture, there’s no need to panic!  Living Designs Furniture lets you tailor the size and fabric to suit your specific space and taste requirements. Making sure your furniture fits your space perfectly and matches your style is our top priority.

“I moved into my new home and was badly in need of a furniture update. I spent every weekend for months shopping and could not find anything I loved in the right size. I’m so happy I went to Living Designs Furniture! I was able to customize my perfect sofa that fit and looked just right in my home!
Tip: take pictures and measurements of your space with you when you go to their store. There are options for everyone! I can’t imagine not finding what you’re looking for.”

Shelly R. | Verified Customer
Living Designs Furniture sofa measurement sketch.

Get perfectly sized furniture with Living Designs Furniture

Are you worried that your new sofa won’t fit through the door? Are you worried that the new sofa you invested in is too small and therefore makes your room look empty? Are you worried that your sectional blocks off too much of your living space? Make those worries a thing of the past by learning how to measure furniture and shopping with Living Designs Furniture. With our experts at your side, measuring furniture and choosing your perfect pieces becomes less of a daunting task and more of a joyful and creative experience.

When you book your free design consultation with our experts, bring the dimensions of your room and current furniture (or just your room if you’re starting from scratch), photos of your space, and any inspiration for what you’re looking for. From there, our experts will guide you and help you make any design decisions or furniture choices that would suit your room and your taste perfectly — all within your budget.

Whether you’re looking to fill your new space with a large sectional or are shopping for apartment-sized furniture, we have exactly what you need. Visit any of our showrooms in Downtown Houston or The Woodlands to get started.

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