What to Look for When Buying Furniture

July 28, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Knowing what to look for when buying furniture is super important. The key is to look for pieces that could be considered livable home furniture — this encompasses durability, functionality, materials, and the design of your furniture from the beginning can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money. 

Many people experience regret when buying mass-produced furniture pieces that are not built to last. If you rely on advice from experts in furniture manufacturing, you could avoid those regrets altogether. We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions to help you get started on buying your favorite furniture styles, wisely.

How can you tell if furniture is good quality?

You can tell if furniture is good quality by examining the materials used to build it. What are some things you should check for in buying quality upholstered furniture? Ask the furniture salesperson to tell you about the innards, what kind of foam are they using, and what is the maintenance on the fabric? All of these things are easy ways to ensure your buying a quality product.  

The frame

First, start with the frame. We recommend avoiding frames made with metals, particle board, or plastic. A strong frame is constructed of hard solid wood, with sturdy, heavy, and well-mended components that allow for long-lasting durability. One way to check the quality of a piece of furniture is to try and lift the piece of furniture. This will likely tell you what the frame is made of. A strong, hard wooden frame is heavy and is not easy to lift. Our frames are built to last, sourcing only hard wood — White Oak, Red Oak, and Cypress — that is both sturdy and heavy!

The cushions

Now, examine the innards of the cushions. Avoid materials like down feathers because they start off fluffy and end up tangled and matted, which ultimately compromises the comfort and support. There are materials that mock down in comfort but beat it in durability, like “Poly-Fil.” Poly-Fil is a polyester filler that is fluffy and soft but doesn’t lose its buoyancy and form, allowing your cushions to stay comfortable and supportive. 

You want your cushions to be made of high-density foam, no exceptions here. High-density foam is the only material that will keep the support and form of your furniture for a long time and still provide the perfect level of comfort. Being that Texas Mattress Makers is our sister company, no other furniture factory knows how to work with foam like we do. With three different density levels, you can get the comfort, support, and durability out of the furniture that you need!

The upholstery fabric 

Finally, you should evaluate the upholstery fabric or leather. Make sure that the fabric has a high abrasion count, meaning you can get up and off of it thousands of times before seeing wear or tear. Consider all of the details when choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle: do you have pets or kids, or do you entertain a lot and have high-traffic rooms? If yes, you will want to explore performance fabrics to help you maintain your upholstered furniture. Many performance fabrics like Crypton are stainless, moisture wicking, repel odors, and provide a variety of colors and textures to enjoy in your home stress-free. If you consider all of these things you can avoid reupholstering furniture in the future, which is insanely expensive and tedious.

Common mistakes when buying a sofa: Not trying before buying!

A common mistake is not checking the quality of a piece of furniture or purchasing furniture online. The benefits of shopping at a furniture store in person are endless! You should sit on your furniture, lounge on your furniture, and make sure the furniture is great quality long before it gets delivered to your home. Make sure it’s the right size by buying custom-sized furniture and checking it out in person first!

The experts at Living Designs Furniture can help you see what to look for when buying furniture

It’s easy to buy furniture online only to get it in your home and be disappointed with the product, some things are simply meant to be purchased in person. What if you purchase a sofa and then realize it doesn’t fit your needs, style, or lifestyle? You wouldn’t buy a home without seeing it first, so you shouldn’t treat the furniture that goes in it any differently.

When wondering how to upgrade your living room on a budget, start at Living Designs Furniture! We have been manufacturing furniture for over 40 years in the Houston area. We know what quality furniture looks and feels right and we make custom upholstered furniture at factory-direct prices for Houstonians!  

Being factory direct, we are making this furniture specifically for you for factory direct pricing, meaning you can get EXACTLY what you want for an unbeatable price. Last but not least, our products are 100% sourced in the USA and built by Texans for Texans, right here in Houston. Visit our showroom today and get started on your perfect furniture!

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