Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Lifestyle

April 27, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Why is it important to select the right furniture? Because choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle makes your home functional and complete. In order to know what furniture is best for your lifestyle, you must first identify the contributing factors. Are you browsing for furniture that will accommodate kids, social gatherings, or four-legged family members? Are you planning to eat or drink on your sofa, lounge or sit, or use as an option for overnight guests? Maybe you need something firmer or lower to the ground, or something made with taller measurements in mind. No matter what your and your family’s needs may be, take them into consideration when choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle. 

While it would be impossible to address all of the contributing factors of what makes the right furniture right for you, we have narrowed it down to a few of the most common.

1. Kids + pets

Kid-friendly furniture is the same as pet-friendly furniture because when either of the two is a contributing factor in your furniture selection the main concern is durability. Durable pet-friendly furniture fabric is the best bet when it comes to pets and kids. Taking a special note of the abrasion count when selecting fabric is crucial. Most upholstery fabrics are polyester blends which make fabric more durable, however, when you’re really wanting to ensure the lifetime of your furniture, performance fabric is a must. Upholstery fabrics have been completely modernized to provide top-notch protection from spills, oils, dirt, and accidents. When you customize your own sofa, consider Crypton. 

Available in a variety of colors and textures, Crypton is the most durable upholstery fabric on the market and will give you peace of mind when in a household with kids and pets. As always, leather is a great option as well, however, it can be expensive and uncomfortable in the summer months. If you choose to purchase with a factory-direct manufacturer, like Living Designs Furniture, furniture experts will guide the way to ensure you’re selecting the right upholstery material for you and your lifestyle.

2. Depth + height

Is the average sofa too low to the ground? Or maybe you can’t find a sofa with a depth that allows you to sit comfortably? Choosing to buy custom furniture will allow you to specify dimensions that fit your body. Make sure you’re comfortable when you’re home, that is after all the most important part. Knowing whether or not you want to lounge or sit on your furniture is very important. This way you are not purchasing a piece that requires you to sit upright when you’re trying to enjoy movie night on the sofa. 

When browsing for furniture make sure that you try the furniture out the same way you would test drive a car when car shopping. Know that your furniture is going to be both supportive and functional. If you’re customizing your sofa, consider the seat height and seat depth to make sure you’re choosing the right piece for you.

3. Where does this go?

Finally, knowing where your furniture will be placed in your home can help you choose the right piece for your space. Are you shopping for living room furniture? Maybe a sitting room? Wherever your furniture is going to be placed will be a huge contributing factor in what makes the most sense. If you’re working with a more open concept, larger space, consider a sectional. Looking to make a large window the point of focus in your space? Choose a set of custom chairs to face the outward view. Need an option for overnight guests? Consider a daybed or sleeper sofa. The purpose of the piece is greatly dependent on where it will go.

Now that we know a little more about choosing furniture that suits your lifestyle, where can you buy the perfect furniture for you? That is easy, Living Designs Furniture.

Find the right furniture for your lifestyle with Living Designs Furniture

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