Is it Worth Reupholstering Furniture?

January 31, 2022  ·  3 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Though many people see reupholstering furniture as the more sustainable option, the process may be more tricky and more costly than they think. Here’s why.

Before considering reupholstery for your sofa, chair, ottoman, sectional, etc. It is important to consider a few things:

What goes into reupholstering furniture? 

Is reupholstering a couch hard? You might think reupholstering a sofa is as simple as stripping the fabric and putting new fabric on the piece. Unfortunately, this project is a lot more daunting than that. To ensure that your sofa has a long life through re-upholstery, you must strip the fabric, foam, and all of the cushioning from the sofa. 

After the innards have been disposed of, you must examine the frame itself, fixing any issues that exist. Sometimes the frame has unforeseen damage that can be extremely labor-intensive to fix properly. Once the piece has been successfully stripped, you can begin the actual reupholstering process, putting the piece back together with new foam, cushion fill, and fabric.


Does all of that work sound like fun? Then reupholstery might be the route for you. But before you go running off to your local upholstery shops, have you considered the costs associated with this project?

How much does it cost to reupholster furniture?

Based on a 2022 analysis, the average cost of reupholstering furniture can be as high as $7,000! This obviously depends on the size of the furniture and the materials used.

Maybe the furniture has sentimental value or is an antique that cannot be replicated, or perhaps you are hoping to be more eco-conscious and the cost is not an issue. In any of these cases, the investment could be worth it.

However, if your motive is to save money, there are only two questions you should ask:

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new?

Generally speaking, it is almost always cheaper to buy new. Especially if you are purchasing a piece that is factory direct, made from the manufacturer. Based on a 2022 analysis, the average cost of a sofa is around $1,200. Comparing just the averages alone, buying new is definitely the route to go!

Why design your own furniture?

Why design your own furniture? Designing your own furniture allows for you to either replicate the design you loved so much you wanted to reupholster it, or you can choose something completely new and fresh. When you shop factory direct, you can buy quality furniture for the best price

Where can I buy affordable, factory-direct upholstered furniture?

Find quality, handmade upholstered furniture at Living Designs Furniture

Living Designs Furniture is a small, local, family-owned business located in the East End of Downtown Houston. We manufacture handmade, built-to-last, premier custom furniture in our on-site factory. The living Designs Furniture design process is as easy as visiting the location, meeting with a furniture expert, designing your furniture to your exact specifications, style, and preference, and then waiting just 8-10 weeks for production time.

Creating unique custom furniture is affordable, accessible, and made easy with Living Designs Furniture. Visit our showroom at your convenience and get started today!

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