3 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Couch for Your Unique Space

April 16, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Having the ability to design your couch for your own unique living space is not just for the rich and famous — it is much easier to do (and much more affordable) than you may think. 

You don’t have to rely on big furniture retailers to decorate your home! Can you customize a sofa? Anyone can! 

Living Designs Furniture is a furniture manufacturer and retailer here in Houston that allows customers to either customize pre-existing inventory pieces or create something completely new with the help of our in-house designers. If you are interested in this process, we have some tips to prepare you before taking the custom couch plunge.

Here are questions to ask yourself when deciding to design your couch for your unique home.

1. What size couch do you need?

When it comes to furniture, size does matter. The right furniture pieces in the right sizes can make the room feel bigger, cozier, or whatever your desired vision is.

Before you decide to customize your own sofa, it’s important to establish the size of the couch you will need. You can do this by examining your living space. Do you live in an apartment? If so, you will probably need a smaller sofa or a piece with a more compact design. Do you have space for a bigger couch and want lots of seating room? Then maybe a sectional sofa would suit your space best!

Living Designs Furniture allows you to create custom-sized furniture that will fit any space, no matter how big or small. Simply bring the dimensions of your room and the preferred couch dimensions to our designer and they will create a design to bring your vision to life. You can also bring pictures for inspiration of your space and our design team to help bring your vision to life.

2. What type of style do you like?

In the world of interior design, style doesn’t just refer to a look, it can refer to a feeling. When choosing or designing pieces for your home, being aware of the feeling you want to convey in your design can make a big difference. We believe that your decor, especially your furniture, should always feature a personal touch of you. As you begin to design your couch, think about what type of style you would like it to have! Here are some questions to ponder as you make your design plan:

Do you love color or are you more into neutrals? 

Do you love funky designs or do you like to stick to the classics?

Do you want a traditional shape or something unconventional?

When it comes to home decor aesthetics, it can feel like there are a million different styles to choose from. Some people may have their personal style nailed down, but some may need a little help to get inspired. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look, a minimalist feel, or are on the hunt for custom-made contemporary furniture in Houston, we can make you a custom piece that feels perfect for you, not anyone else.  Again, feel free to bring in a picture of your space so we can see the colors and the design of the room along with the lighting.  

3. What type of fabric do you need?

What’s the best fabric for a couch? Well, that depends on your preferences and needs in your home. The fabric that you choose for your couch should reflect your personal style — but it should also accommodate your lifestyle. 

For example, if you are someone who owns pets, has children, or loves to host guests, Crypton fabric or other performance fabrics are a great choice for their stain-resistant and durable properties. On the other hand, if you love a lush, velvet-like appearance, Microfiber fabric is a great aesthetic choice that also has odor and stain resistance for durability. Living Designs Furniture has endless fabric options in a wide variety of prints, textures and colors so that you can achieve both style and substance in your upholstered couch. 

When you or your guests first walk into your living room, all eyes are drawn to the couch. Why? Well, not only is it the largest piece of furniture in the room, but it is also meant to be a welcoming space where people can sit, lounge, and relax. At the center of your home should be something you love, something that works for you, not everyone walking around the showroom floor. 

How a custom couch from Living Designs Furniture can transform your space

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to design your couch yourself, here is why creating a custom couch with Living Designs Furniture may be the right choice for you.

Having a couch that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and in line with your personal style means that you will have a couch that you will love for years to come. If you have been settling for basic furniture showroom couches that you don’t really like, choosing to design your couch is a great – and sometimes more cost-efficient – option. When customers ask, “Can I design my own sectional couch?” they don’t believe us when we explain how easy the process really is.

Don’t let the word custom scare you. Custom furniture allows you to get exactly what you want and still get it at an affordable price.  

If you choose to shop factory-direct furniture with Living Designs Furniture, you can get deals on some of the best custom couches in the city. Visit our showroom in East Downtown Houston and speak with a designer today to begin your journey and design your couch.

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