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March 24, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Modern furniture in Houston is always trending due to the naturally edgy and urban aesthetic that Houston, Texas alludes to. Abundant city skylines, modern landscape, futuristic architecture, and one of the most diverse populations in the U.S. are just a few reasons why modern furniture is so perfect for HTX!  Whether you’re looking for ultra-modern designs or modern rustic, there is something for everyone in this inclusive and ever-evolving style.

In order to find the right type of modern furniture for your home, we’ll explain what modern furniture is.

What is modern furniture?

 Modern furniture refers to a specific period of time, in that it reflects the trending styles of an era. The most popular example of this is mid-century modern furniture, funky frames, acrylic tables, and unique shapes. Many people assume that modern implies current, which in the furniture industry would be better known as contemporary furniture; pieces that truly represent style today and even the future.

What makes furniture, modern furniture?

This collection will include pieces with straight lines, also referred to as clean lines. Many frames will include a wider arm, a deeper seat, or a low back. There is not a color code for modern furniture, but it does typically show up in the bright whites to grey scales. Many pieces go well with brass, gold, or nickel nailhead or legs, adding in a bit of rustic charm. Overall, this sleek and versatile genre is one of the most popular for a reason.  There is something for everyone and it tends to remain timeless in an effortless way.

Is modern furniture right for your home?

 There are many styles to consider when trying to furnish your home. Just to name a few: traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, minimalism, eclectic…the list goes on forever. Each style could fit perfectly into your home with the right materials and décor. Some modern homes might feature an open concept living area, large windows, light wood floors, mixed metal finishings, white walls, high ceilings, and a minimalistic vibe. If you’re certain you want modern furniture and want to consider ways to “modernize” your space, think “less is more”. One of the best ways to make modern furniture fit into your home is to consider bringing more elements of nature into your space. Keep natural lit rooms bright and add a house plant. Nevertheless, it is very easy to make modern look good in your home especially when it is made just for you! 

Find custom modern furniture in Houston at Living Designs Furniture

Whether you’re searching for custom modern or custom contemporary furniture in Houston or any of the other genres, you can find it at Living Designs Furniture. It is always easier to achieve the look you desire when you buy furniture directly from the manufacturer. Factory direct purchasing ensures that you can upgrade your living room for less and buy custom furniture for less!

The Living Designs Furniture design process allows customers to come into the showroom, select a style, choose the right upholstery fabric, and get the furniture that fits their lifestyle and home aesthetic. Instead of settling for the same pieces you see at all the major retail chains, you can get unique modern furniture that fits your home and budget!

Visit the showroom today and work with a furniture expert on your design projects, you are sure to learn why everyone is calling Living Designs Furniture the best furniture store in Houston Texas!

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