Our Guide to Livable Home Furniture

April 30, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Putting the fun in functional furniture is usually not something you can accomplish at most retailers. Buying beautiful furniture sometimes means forgoing livable home furniture. You can easily merge liveable and likable when you use custom furniture builders to design your home. 

When you buy custom, you can design furniture that is both stylish and functional, built to last in your lifestyle and home. We have outlined a few things to consider when searching for the perfect home furnishings for your space.

Make it fun

Choose a style that speaks to you and your home, when you customize your own sofa, don’t be boring, be bold. Choose the models that coexist best with your home and select colors that play into your theme. Don’t be afraid to add bold prints or contrasting colors. Sometimes tufting or channeling can also give dimension to your space. Choose a performance fabric if you want to go light with the color, so you’re not worried about stains and accidents. Have fun with your design and really let your personality shine through.

Consider seating

Are you living alone? Do you have kids? Are you the host/ hostess for social gatherings? Is this supposed to be the most comfortable spot in the house? Consider all of the ways you want to utilize your furniture in its design. Furniture is meant to be lived on, choosing the size of your furniture to best accommodate its use is key! Make sure that your furniture is the most comfortable and durable furniture possible. 

Your space should be able to bring your friends and family together in the way you intend it to. For instance, if you’re constantly needing more seating, but you don’t want to congest the space with a big, busy piece of furniture, you can even use a floating ottoman as a coffee table and add more seating when necessary. Visualize your home in action and choose the right furniture for your lifestyle.

Invest in the perks

Your home is where you spend most of your downtime, so it should feel luxurious to you. Luxurious doesn’t mean unaffordable. You can design your living room furniture to be everything you need it to be and more without breaking the bank. When you’re considering how to make your furniture last or what is the life expectancy of furniture, note that the answer is always dependent on how it’s made. When you buy from manufacturers that use hard solid wooden frames, high-density foam innards, and use the most durable upholstery fabric, your sofa will look and feel amazing for a very long time. 

When you ask yourself: “Is custom furniture worth it?” The answer is yes! It’s worth it to know that your furniture is livable, functional, and built strong just for you.

Living Designs Furniture creates livable home furniture

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your livable home furniture is going to be functional and fun. If you want to make sure your furniture is top quality, visit Living Designs Furniture. The furniture experts at Living Designs will work hard to make sure you know everything about the furniture you’re buying for your home. They’ll personally walk you through the factory onsite to see exactly where your furniture is made and what it’s made of. 

Only using locally sourced hard solid wood, high-density foam, and the highest abrasion count fabric or top grain leather available, Living Designs is leading the way for customers to buy custom furniture at low factory-direct prices. The experts will consider all of the functions of your design and help you choose the style, size, configuration, and materials based on what you need from your furniture. Visit the showroom in Houston Texas and see why everyone is calling Living Designs Furniture the best furniture store in Houston.

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