Your Guide to Designing Accent Chairs in Houston

March 30, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

As leading furniture experts in the custom furniture industry, we understand the very important role of the accent chair. Designing accent chairs in Houston is easy with custom furniture manufacturers. Now your accent chair can be built to fit your color scheme, style, and even your budget.

What is the point of an accent chair?

The accent chair is not the most necessary piece in your living space and its main purpose is not functionality. In fact, the accent chair is best known for its ability to tie an entire room together and create balance. Accent chairs are meant to stand out, intentionally.

Where do you put an accent chair?

Use your accent chair to fill an empty corner, place it next to an end table, or provide seating by the fireplace or window. Instead of leaving an “awkward” unfinished look in the room, an accent chair can fill the void. People also find that using an accent chair instead of a loveseat or bench provides more seating without over furnishing a room. A well-balanced living space is both easy to sit in and easy to move around in.

Now that we have established why the accent chair is important and where to put one, let’s discuss how to choose the right accent chair for you and where to find THE ONE!

1. Choose the style of your room

Your living space is a direct reflection of your personal style. Each room in your home should speak to your personality and taste. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary, transitional, eclectic, or minimalistic energy, your space should reflect that. Choosing the style of your room depends a lot on the overall theme of your home.

Once you pick that style, choose an accent chair that fits accordingly. For a modern look, select a chair with straight lines and a squared frame. For an eclectic look, pick a transitional chair that can mesh well with a mix of styles. Going for the bohemian theme? Pick a club chair and add a sheepskin fabric!

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2. Find the focal point of the room

Knowing what accent chair to choose also depends on where in the room it will live. Where is the focal point? Is the focal point the window and natural light, the fireplace, the television, or a grand work of art? Consider the focal point and then stage the room to fit the perspective. 

3. Choose the right fabric color and type of upholstery fabric/material

Finally, choose the right fabric or material for your accent chair. Consider the following: Which upholstery fabric is most durable? Which colors in your space need to be brought together? What texture might complement the other textures in the room? Are you thinking of solid or printed fabric?

All of these things considered will help you decide which fabric would be best for your accent chair! 

4. Consider your custom furniture options!

You can upgrade your living room for less and still get exactly what you want! It’s easy to understand why people customize furniture when you’re in the market for an accent chair because that chair is the unique solution to what your specific space is missing.

Whichever style chair you need, in any color or fabric, you can find it at Living Designs Furniture.

Living Designs Furniture creates unique accent chairs in Houston

Living Designs Furniture is a custom furniture store in Houston. Everything is manufactured in the onsite factory which means you can customize your furniture to exact specifications. Furniture experts help you to pick a style, choose the right upholstery fabric, and design your perfect dream furniture, all for a factory-direct low price. Once your furniture is produced, it is delivered to your home in just 8-10 weeks! Visit the showroom today to see why everyone is calling Living Designs Furniture the BEST Furniture store in HTX!

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