How Custom Furniture is Sustainable Furniture

November 18, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

The push for more people to purchase sustainable furniture has been and will continue to be all the rage. More than ever, buyers are concerned with shopping green and making more mindful purchases. Although the movement to increase environmentally-friendly shopping habits is a great one, many large furniture companies try to capitalize on sustainable furniture design without actually selling sustainable furniture. There seems to be some confusion on what the word “sustainable” actually means in the furniture industry, and how sustainability can be accessible to the average buyer.

The experts at Living Designs Furniture are here to explain why sustainable furniture is the future, how you can obtain high-quality, responsibly sourced pieces for a better price, and the benefits to designing your own furniture sustainably with us.

What does sustainable mean in furniture?

The furniture industry has prioritized “fast furniture” or furniture pieces that are made of lower-quality materials to cut down on production costs and time. These pieces are cheap and are not built to last more than a few years, forcing the customer to spend more money to replace them. Sustainable furniture refers to furniture pieces that are ethically made with high-quality materials that are responsibly sourced, and are incredibly durable to last the buyer a lifetime.

Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, sustainability comes with a price. Large companies pledge to provide their customers with better products…but this promise comes with a hefty price tag that not every customer can afford. Why should quality furniture cost an arm and a leg?

New’s flash: it shouldn’t!

Wondering where to buy sustainable furniture? The answer is Living Designs Furniture. We are committed to creating affordable sustainable furniture for anyone who wants to fill their home with durable yet stylish furniture. And the best way to shop sustainably is to customize your own furniture. Here’s why.

3 reasons why custom furniture is sustainable

Living Designs Furniture is redefining customizable furniture to make custom pieces more accessible, affordable, and attractive for customers like you. Here are ways in which custom furniture can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

1. You can cherish your pieces for longer

When you make the choice to create your own custom furniture, you have the ability to design a piece that will reflect exactly what you want and need. Need a custom size for your living room? Done. Want that couch but in a specific color? Easy! Have the desire to add little unique touches to make it your own? Let’s do it!

When you create furniture that is exactly to your liking, you will love it forever. You won’t look back on it in a few years and suddenly want to get rid of it. Custom pieces allow the customer to buy furniture that they will get the most use out of in a design that fits their personality and lifestyle, making it the most sustainable choice.

2. Our materials are responsibly sourced 

While other companies use cheaper, lower-quality materials to create their upholstered furniture, Living Designs Furniture uses locally sourced materials from Texas and Louisiana from our trusted suppliers to produce our pieces. 

Our frames are made from locally and responsibly sourced hardwood — White Oak, Red Oak, and Cypress. Our cushions are made from a quality, high-density foam that will stay supportive for longer than traditional feathers or stuffing. Lastly, we have fabric options including performance fabric that are meant to last a lifetime with no need to replace it every few years!

3. Our furniture is ethically made

We understand the importance of furniture design and how craftsmanship and quality can make an impact on how you interact with your furniture. While large, fast furniture chains may utilize underpaid laborers overseas, every piece of furniture from Living Designs Furniture is handmade in our Downtown Houston factory. We have a team of talented craftsmen and designers that work in-house to create all of the showroom and custom pieces for our buyers. 

These beautiful yet durable furniture pieces are 100% made in the USA, and you can tell the difference in our sustainable furniture design. When you shop factory-direct furniture, you’ll never shop anywhere else ever again. 

Get sustainable furniture for less at Living Designs Furniture

Shopping for locally made furniture from a manufacturer like Living Designs Furniture is one of the best ways to buy sustainable furniture. At the end of the day, the purpose of sustainable furniture is to help our planet, our wallets, and our quality of life — and custom pieces are a great way to get furniture that you will love for years to come. 

Living Designs Furniture was created so that the people of Greater Houston could have better furniture for better prices. We prioritize quality and value over quantity and profit, and we don’t create great products just to follow a trend, but to promote smart shopping choices for a better life. 

If you are looking to shop more sustainably, visit our showroom in Downtown Houston and speak with an expert about creating your own custom pieces today! 

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