Importance of Furniture Design

May 19, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

The importance of furniture design is paramount when pondering the decor and functionality of your home. There is truly nothing more important than considering all of the angles of your room before committing to a certain configuration. Analyzing the dimensions of your space, the purpose of the room, the focal point in the room, and the flow of movement will give you the information needed to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Why are furniture details so important?

Furniture details are the key to making a room feel intelligent, stylish, and complete. If you have the opportunity to do so, consider all of the details of your furniture inside and out. Is your furniture accommodating for hosting your whole family during your holiday season? Is your sofa comfortable enough for movie nights and lounging? Are you utilizing enough of your space or too much space with your furniture design? Does your room need more color or a print to really set it off? These are just a few things to think about when designing your home and the list really goes on and on. Most importantly, your furniture should be designed and built to support your lifestyle and personality.

3 simple steps to designing furniture for your home

1. Get inspired

Browse the internet, check out your favorite interior decor Instagram pages, look at the layout of other rooms, and get the creative juices flowing! This is really where your personal style comes into play with your design. Your personal taste should have a leading role in what you end up putting in your home. Chances are you will find something close to what you have in mind at a furniture retailer but if you want to make sure it’s exactly right and for the best price, buy furniture directly from the manufacturer.

2. Work with the experts

Your custom furniture ideas can be easily transferred to your living space if you work with the right people! One of the reasons we suggest working with the manufacturer is that there is no one that knows the product like the person making the product! Plus when you buy directly from a furniture factory, you are not limited to any sizing, colors, or configuration as you are with other retailers. A furniture expert will use the knowledge in their craft to help you create the living room furniture of your dreams and a layout that takes into consideration the dimensions, functionality, and style of your home! 

3. Save the finishing touch for last

Start with the big pieces: sectionals, sofas, chairs, or even custom upholstered bed frames and headboards. Only once you get those pieces in your space will you truly understand what else the room needs. Perhaps you need artwork, rugs, plants, or decor, wait until everything is in your home before you accessories. When you finally complete the design of the space, adding that special finishing touch is easy and quick. Use throw pillows, contrasting colors and textures, artwork, and organic touches to help your space really come to life! 

Let Living Designs Furniture show you the importance of furniture design

If you’re curious about where to go to find the furniture experts, check out Living Designs Furniture in Houston Texas! Living Designs Furniture is a custom, factory-direct manufacturer that only uses locally sourced materials to build the best furniture on the market. The best part is, it’s usually up to 50% off of other retail prices because it’s sold directly from the factory! Gather the dimensions of your space, any color pallets, inspirational photos, or ideas, and visit the showroom in Houston today!

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