Top 3 Benefits to Custom Designing Your Furniture

January 20, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

There are many benefits to knowing how to design custom furniture. Buying furniture can be a fun way of showcasing your personal style in your home. Oftentimes, we consider the way things will look, but rarely do we consider the way things will feel, function, and last over time. It is just as important to love the outside of your furniture as it is to love what’s inside your furniture. Not only are you living with the furniture choices you make, but you are also living on the furniture you decide to put in your home. 

When you finally sit down and consider all of these details, buying furniture from just anywhere doesn’t seem to make as much sense. Being able to control the look, feel, function, and longevity of your furniture can only be managed by customizing your furniture.

What is custom furniture? 

Custom furniture is a one-of-a-kind piece that is built to the exact specifications and style requested by the customer. It sounds expensive, and a lot of times it can be, which is why finding a factory-direct manufacturer is very important. This way, you are getting the custom furniture design experience for the factory-direct low price. This takes all of the stress and pressures out of knowing how to design custom furniture because there are experts in the design process that can help you. So, if custom furniture is affordable and easy, why aren’t more people buying custom? It is because people are not aware of the benefits of custom furniture.

Why design your own furniture?

Why design your own furniture? Your home and style are one of a kind, so why wouldn’t your furniture be? When custom designing your furniture, you can make sure that it is unlike anything else you will see in stores or in your friends’ homes. 

Top 3 benefits to custom designing your furniture

1. Built to exact size, function, and style

Designing your customized piece means that you can make sure that it is the exact size you need for any space. For example, you can create your own furniture that fits into small spaces or odd dimensions! You can ensure that the function of your piece is considered during the production process so that every detail of your furniture feels intentional in your space. The style, fabric, leather, color, texture, and feel are all determined by you.

2. Built better to last longer

When you design a customized piece of furniture you can make sure that the frame is made of hard, solid wood that is built to withstand many years of love and use. The foam density that determines the way that the furniture feels is also something that can be controlled to provide soft or firm support in the cushions. 

3. Built to match your lifestyle

Finally, designing your own furniture ensures that the materials used for upholstering are durable enough to last for your lifestyle by taking kids, spills, pets, or anything else into consideration when choosing the right fabric or leather. All of these things considered will make sure your furniture is just as wonderful on the outside as it is on the inside.

How do I start my own furniture design?

Once you are ready to begin designing your very own custom furniture, look for a factory-direct manufacturer. The ability to shop factory direct means that you can get quality pieces for a more fair price. If you are looking to build a sofa in Houston, Living Designs Furniture is a local premier custom furniture manufacturer that will make your custom furniture design process easy, affordable, and stress-free. Fill out a custom furniture form to begin your design journey with us today. 

Wondering how to design custom furniture? Living Designs Furniture makes the design process simple and affordable.

Living Designs Furniture is a small, local, family-owned business located in the East End of Downtown Houston. They manufacture handmade, built-to-last, premier custom furniture in their on-site factory. The Living Designs Furniture design process is as easy as visiting the location, meeting with a furniture expert, designing your furniture to your exact specifications, style, and preference, and then waiting just 8-10 weeks for production time. 

Creating unique custom furniture is affordable, accessible, and made easy with Living Designs Furniture. Call (713) 715-6787 to speak with a designer today.

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