How Living Designs Furniture is Redefining Customizable Furniture

July 5, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

The phenomenon of customizable furniture has been around since humans began crafting their own belongings. However, as the furniture industry grew, what was once meant to be an easy way for customers to get exactly what they were looking for seemingly became unattainable. 

The word “custom” became synonymous with “expensive.” Customers were now settling for the boring, low-quality furniture pieces they could find at just any furniture store to save a few dollars, not knowing that there was an accessible, simple way to obtain the best affordable custom furniture.

For the last 40 years, our furniture experts have been redefining the meaning of custom furniture. Here’s how. 

What is customizable furniture?

Customizable furniture are pieces of furniture that are made exactly to the customer’s specifications. The customizations can be as simple as changing a fabric color or fabric type on an existing piece of furniture, or you can build a custom piece completely from scratch. Custom furniture gives the customer the opportunity to make existing pieces work for them or create custom unique furniture that is completely their own. 

At Living Designs Furniture, we take the cost and complication out of customization with our simple three-step design process to produce the best custom furniture in Houston, TX!

  1. Find your style: Our team helps you to find the perfect combinations of fabric, materials, and designs that suit your tastes and your budget. You can either use our current showroom products as inspiration for customization, or we can build you a new piece from scratch.
  2. Crafting your furniture: We use your vision and specifications as a guide to create your dream furniture. When you visit our showroom, it’s best to come with measurements and dimensions of your living space and any inspiration that may help us design your piece.
  3. Bringing your vision to life: Our local expert craftsmen get to work. We can have your new custom piece delivered in just 8-10 weeks! If you need something sooner, you can also shop our ready-made inventory for a discounted price and get it delivered within the week. 

The meaning of custom furniture

We believe that the meaning of custom furniture is to allow customers to get EXACTLY what they want, regardless of whether or not their desired piece is on our showroom floor. With customizable furniture, you don’t have to settle for furniture that is “almost” perfect or is “sort of” what you were looking for. With custom capabilities, you can have the furniture of your dreams. 

For example, what if you found a lovely couch at the furniture store but realized that it would be too big to fit into your living room? With the option to create custom-sized furniture, you can design your own couch that is built to fit in your specific living space. You can change the fabric color to one that suits your personal style, or you can add buttons or nail head studs to create a different aesthetic. No more wishing that you could change features — make those changes a reality! 

Now, creating the furniture of your dreams does come with a price, but Living Designs Furniture is committed to providing quality custom pieces that won’t leave your bank account empty.

How Living Designs Furniture creates affordable custom furniture 

Unfortunately, many big furniture retailers or furniture makers slap a heavy price tag on custom furniture. ​​At Living Designs Furniture, we set out to prove that customizable furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you may even spend less on your finished piece than you would at a typical retail furniture showroom. Here is how we keep our costs lower.

We have a factory-direct business model

Living Designs Furniture is a combined manufacturer and retailer that operates by our factory-direct model. All of our furniture pieces, custom and inventory, are produced right here in our Downtown Houston factory. We do not use third-party vendors in our production process.  Because of this, we can eliminate unnecessary fees, meaning that your custom furniture is priced based on the nature of the customizations and materials chosen. 

Our furniture is handmade by local craftsmen 

Our furniture isn’t mass-produced. Our furniture is handmade by Texans, for Texans who have a true passion for furniture craftsmanship. When you decide to work with us to build your custom piece, you are working directly with our on-site designers and craftsmen who can work at a quicker rate to create your pieces. While other custom furniture makers can take months or even a year to create a piece, we can have your furniture to your doorstep in a few weeks. Because our furniture is built-to-last, you won’t have to replace it every few years, saving you time and money. 

Living Designs Furniture is redefining customizable furniture

Living Designs Furniture provides customizable furniture in Houston that is high-quality, durable, stylish, and most of all, affordable. We are here to help customers understand that you don’t have to settle for basic pieces to save money. You can have the furniture of your dreams that won’t break your budget.

Whether you need new and improved living room furniture or a custom upholstered bed frame to refresh your bedroom, Living Designs Furniture can bring your vision to life for less money. This is what makes us the best furniture store in Houston.

Interested in customizable furniture? Visit our Houston showroom today or call 713-921-5098 to speak with a designer today to have furniture made your way. 

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