Classic Home Furniture in Houston

May 28, 2022  ·  3 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Your home should be timeless, elegant, and classic, just like you. The trendy buys and new wave finds are always tempting but can easily lead to buyer’s remorse. Keeping things classy will always give you the most out of your home and your money! You can find classic home furniture in Houston for exceptional prices, you just have to know where to look.

What is classic furniture style?

Contrary to popular belief, classic does not mean traditional. It simply means timeless pieces. But how are you meant to know if something is trendy or timeless? Look at the styles around you: colors, shapes, and textures can all allude to the trends that are popular at the time. Sticking to colors you know and love, textures that are tried and true, and major genres of style will always help you to keep it classic. 

Where can I find trend cycles?

Everywhere! Social media, TV, clothing stores, hotels…trends are everywhere you look. For example, the ’80s were a time for neon colors, big shapes, three-dimensional wall decor, and questionable music (just kidding). The styles also translated to furniture. Using large geometric prints in big neon colors, armless odd-shaped furnishings, and even glitter made for very trendy homes. Unless you’re a forever fan of the ’80s it’s likely those timed pieces expired and had to be refreshed. Many probably consider “Is it worth reupholstering furniture” and quickly find out the expenses involved point to no!

How to design your own furniture

Find trustworthy custom furniture makers to help you build your living room furniture. Choose a style from a major genre of furniture: traditional, modern, contemporary, or transitional. Instead of focusing only on interior design trends, look at multiple examples of rooms you love and find the common qualities between them. For example, maybe you’re drawn to light, bright upholstery fabric, or perhaps you are attracted to squared arm pieces instead of a rolled arm. If you’re able to track down the qualities that you like about your inspirational finds, you can easily use those to help you design the perfect classic furniture for yourself.

Find custom furniture makers near you at Living Designs Furniture!

If you’re in Houston, Texas, you’re in luck! Living Designs Furniture is a direct-to-consumer custom furniture manufacturer. All products are 100% USA sourced and made in Downton Houston! Being the manufacturer and the retailer, you get complete design control for a factory-direct price. The days of settling for the “almost perfect” color, size, style, or even configuration is over! Get exactly what you want with the help of furniture experts that can aid you in finding the best classic home furniture in Houston!

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