Savings up to 50% on clearance furniture, in-store only. Visit Our Showroom Today!

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Savings up to 50% on clearance furniture, in-store only. Visit Our Showroom Today!

Call us at (713) 921-5098
May 4, 2017  ·  3 min read

Shop Factory Direct for Affordable Custom Furniture

You May Think Custom Furniture and Affordability Are Mutually Exclusive… They’re Not at Living Designs Furniture!

Furniture can be an expensive investment, leading many consumers to buy used or inexpensive cookie-cutter furniture when possible. However, buying quality, brand new furniture at affordable rates, and even custom furniture, is possible. In order to do so though, you need to find a combined manufacturer and retailer who cuts out the middle man.

This method is known as shopping factory direct and it offers several more benefits than just saving money.

Advantages to Shopping Factory Direct

  • Provides a direct line of communication – Communicating directly with the factory allows consumers to make modifications to a product, fast-track the production schedule and ask direct questions about the furniture and its construction. Buying factory direct clears lines of communication, removing the need to request or ask questions from the retailer who must pass on your inquiries to the manufacturer and their response back to you.
  • Lowers costs – Buying directly from the manufacturer cuts out a significant part of the supply chain process, reducing the cost of the furniture by eliminating unnecessary add-on charges to compensate for supply chain costs. Costs reduced or eliminated include:
    • Packaging
    • Warehouse handling
    • Transport
    • Marketing
    • Retail

In essence, whenever you’re buying a piece of furniture from a normal retailer the overhead costs of all the middle men is added in to the ultimate cost you pay the retailer for your piece of furniture. When you cut out all these steps that means the cost of getting the furniture into your home is significantly less for the retailer, and in the case of Living Designs Furniture we’re happy to pass some of those savings on to you, the consumer.

  • Customization – At your average furniture store your choices are limited to whatever you see on the showroom floor. When you buy factory direct from Living Designs Furniture, where we have designers, craftsmen and extensive furniture fabrication capabilities on-site, your options extend far beyond what you find in the showroom.

Shop Factory Direct with Living Designs Furniture

At Living Designs Furniture we recognize that no one knows your style like you do, which is why we’re proud to offer customizable upholstery and sizing so you can get the exact furniture you want for your home. We focus on providing quality craftsmanship for the most affordable, truly factory direct prices. All of our products are made by highly skilled craftspeople in our on-site factory behind our showroom.

We help you bring your lifestyle needs and personal style together to create your perfect living space with:

  • Fully customizable upholstered furniture – Edit any aspect of our designs or we’ll help you create your own!
  • True factory direct prices – All of our furniture is made in our on-site factory.
  • Expert staff – Select the look you want and the features you need with the help of furniture experts.
  • Quality craftsmanship – Each piece is handmade with attention to detail and built for lasting durability.

Contact our team of furniture experts today and buy furniture made your way!

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