How it Works:
Living Designs Furniture makes customizing your Cloud Couch simple

You don’t have to be a design expert to elevate your space with quality custom furniture. At Living Designs Furniture, we take the cost and complication out of customization with our simple three-step process.

white sectional in a dark warehouse


Finding your style

We have ready-to-buy pieces in the showroom that resemble the viral Cloud Couch design, but they can be customized to your liking. Our expert team works with you to find the perfect combinations of fabric, materials, and design that suit your tastes and your budget.

Fabric swatches


Crafting your furniture

With your vision as our guide, our team handmakes your Cloud Couch design to your specifications on-site at our factory in Houston, TX for a fraction of the price of other Cloud Couches.

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Bringing your vision to life

With faster delivery times than the big-name retailers, you won’t have to wait months for your Cloud Couch to be delivered to your home.

white sectional in a dark warehouse
Fabric swatches
blue couch in a warehouse
Fabric swatches

We can create your dream furniture

Even the biggest furniture stores might not carry what’s right for you. At Living Designs Furniture, we’re all about helping you create a truly unique space without breaking the bank. Designing and customizing your own unique furniture pieces is easier than you think. Here’s how we can make your furniture vision a reality.

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Custom sizing

Can’t find the right size furniture for your space? No problem!

We can create custom furniture for both spacious and compact floorplans. You can have a 1 piece sectional, a 2 piece sectional, or even 5 piece sectional that will fit perfectly into your space.

Custom shapes

Why settle for basic designs? Whether you’re on the hunt for an “L” shaped couch, a curved design, or nearly anything in between, we can help your unique vision come to life.

Custom fabrics and colors

Let your personality shine through with your furniture. Living Designs Furniture offers thousands of fabric options with endless color possibilities. Have a preferred fabric in mind? Bring in your own! Whether you love the look of leather or want a spill-proof performance fabric, you can have it made in classic colors like black and white or funkier hues like mustard and pink. The possibilities are endless.

How much does custom furniture cost? Less than you might think.

Custom furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you may even spend less on your finished piece than you would at a typical retail furniture showroom. Whether you decide to modify a style from our showroom floor or provide a completely custom design, we meet with our production manager to ensure that the design is both something we can produce and to understand the labor and materials that are required for quoting it.

At Living Designs Furniture, we do our very best to stay true to our factory direct roots, keeping your cost as low as possible, while still giving you the best quality furniture! Your custom furniture is priced based on the nature of the customizations and materials chosen! Our design experts can help you design your furniture to fit any budget, while still getting exactly what you want without settling!

While most custom furniture makers will have you waiting MONTHS for your new furniture, we can deliver your custom piece in 8-10 weeks or less! You can transform your home decor in less time for less money with Living Designs Furniture.

Custom furniture options at Living Designs Furniture

Whether you find a perfect piece of furniture in our showroom inventory and just want it in a different color or size, or you have highly specific requirements, the custom furniture designers at Living Designs Furniture can make your custom furniture ideas into reality.

Custom furniture options include:

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fabric upgrades

Fabric upgrades

Choose from a variety of affordable and premium fabrics with special features such as stain resistance, durability, organic textiles, and hypoallergenic properties.

sofa length and width

Length and width

Choose furniture that fits perfectly in the space you’ve created.

upholstery details

Upholstery details

Want to add buttons or nail head studs? Looking for a fully tufted look.

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Why choose custom furniture?

Custom furniture isn’t just for DIYers and homes you see in magazines. Custom furniture from Living Designs Furniture is for anyone who has a specific furniture need they can’t find on showroom floors, and doesn’t want to compromise on their taste or budget.

Save money (and time)

Searching for the piece of your dreams can mean lots of store visits and even more money spent. When you start with factory-direct custom furniture, you can get the piece you want without the cost or the hassle.

Cater to your space

Choosing custom furniture allows you to choose your dimensions, colors, and finishing touches to create a piece that perfectly suits your home. Whether you’re searching for a sectional to fit into your apartment space or want a big sofa to fill your living room, we can accommodate both small and large living spaces.

Showcase your taste

Why settle for “close enough”? Working with the design experts at Living Designs Furniture allows you to create a unique piece that matches you and your great taste.

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