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Best Sofa for Back Pain

If you have been searching for the term “best sofa for back pain” on the internet, this may be a sign that you need new furniture — more specifically, a new sofa. Sofas are made for sitting, lounging, and binging TV shows, but your couch could be the culprit in the case of your back pain…especially if it isn’t well made. But we’ll dive into that a little bit later. 

There are many furniture retailers out there that will claim that they sell the best sofa for back pain. However, as furniture experts, we understand that there is not one sole sofa that can cure aches and pains. Here are some furniture shopping tips for you to follow when looking for the best sofa for back pain.

1. Find a sofa with lumbar support

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why does my couch hurt my lower back?” it could be that your sofa lacks proper lumbar support. Lumbar support is a feature found in most sofas that is meant to prevent slouching by supporting the lower back and promoting healthy spinal alignment. 

The lingering pain that you may be feeling in your lower back, shoulders, and neck can be attributed to a few different factors including poor posture and sitting for long periods of time in awkward positions. Although slouching feels more comfortable to the masses, it puts unnecessary pressure on your spinal ligaments which leads to pain.

When searching for the best sofa for back pain, be sure that the piece is constructed in a way that allows you to sit comfortably while maintaining good posture.

2. Look for cushions made with high-density foam

When people hear the phrase “sofa with lumbar support” they may jump to the conclusion that the sofa will be hard to help you sit upright. Well, is a firmer sofa better for your back? It depends on your preferences! The reason that softer sofas are associated with back pain is that you are more likely to sink into softer cushions with little support — but this isn’t the case with all soft sofas…at least not at Living Designs Furniture. 

You can have a soft, comfy sofa that still provides enough support for your back with cushions made from high-density foam. High-density foam is the only material that will keep the support and form of your furniture for a long time and still provide the perfect level of comfort. You won’t sink into it as you would with traditional foam, but it will still provide that livable furniture feel! If the cushions aren’t made from high-density foam, it’s probably not worth your money.

3. Choose a sofa made with durable materials

What your sofa is made of is just as important as how comfortable it is. Cheaply made sofas are constructed with lower-quality materials that can cause back pain due to a lack of durability. These cheaper materials may lose their shape over time or be prone to breakage which can result in decreased support and, in turn, pain. The best sofa for back pain will be made with durable materials that will keep their shape over time.

When shopping for a sofa, look for frames that are made from hardwood. When we design your couch in our on-site factory, we use sturdy and heavy White Oak, Red Oak, and Cypress wood that is able to withstand wear and tear and last you a lifetime. When you shop at a local furniture store like Living Designs Furniture, you will walk away with a sofa that is made of the highest quality materials available that will stay supportive and comfortable for years to come. 

Find your very own best sofa for back pain at Living Designs Furniture

The best sofa for back pain may be the sofa that is suited for your unique needs. If another furniture retailer tries to sell you a sofa that will “cure all of your back pain,” don’t believe them. Their products are made with lower-quality materials that won’t last and are meant to appeal to the masses. 

If you want a sofa that is made with your body and needs in mind, come to the Living Designs Furniture showroom and we will help you to build a sofa in Houston. Because we hand-make all of our furniture in our Downtown Houston factory, we can help you to create a custom couch that will satisfy all of your needs for less money.

Say bye-bye to back pain!

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