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July 21, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

If you’re on the hunt for the best custom furniture, you have come to the right place. If you’re wondering, what is custom designed furniture? What does “custom” really entail? We have all the answers!

Custom furniture is a piece of furniture or multiple pieces that are either modified from their original state to meet someone’s needs or preferences, or they are pieces made entirely from scratch — designed by you and made by us! The bottom line is that custom furniture allows you to have exactly what you want and not have to settle for anything less. 

Most shoppers have the misconception that custom furniture is synonymous with “expensive” or “out of reach,” but at Living Designs Furniture, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, customizable furniture can actually save you money in the long run. 

Here is how Living Designs Furniture can provide you with the best custom furniture for the best price, accompanied by reviews from our lovely customers!

1. We are a local furniture manufacturer

Do you know the difference between a furniture manufacturer and a plain old furniture store? This detail is extremely important! If you want affordable American-made furniture, you need to search for someone who actually crafts the pieces they sell…not just a retailer! 

Living Designs Furniture makes the best custom furniture Houston has to offer because we know exactly what goes into making your furniture. We use only the highest quality materials sourced locally from Texas and Louisiana and employ talented, local craftsmen to handcraft every piece. And because we make everything in-house, we are able to set fair prices as a factory-direct company! 

With us, you can get your dream furniture at a way cheaper price tag — and the quality is unmatched. It’s a win-win situation when you shop with Living Designs Furniture!

My wife and I purchased a 3-piece sectional sofa from here, and we love it. My wife loved that she could customize it to the way she wanted. The staff is very friendly and the sofa cost substantially less than if we had the same customization done somewhere else. I recommend Living Designs Furniture to all my friends!

Ryan M. | Satisfied Customer

2. We can give you exactly what you want

The reality is that there are many furniture stores that will offer custom furniture or the ability to customize your pieces, but they may not actually be the ones doing the customizing, or their capabilities will be extremely limited. If you searched “custom sofa Houston” on the web in hopes of finding a seller to give you your dream couch, you will likely be disappointed with many of the results. 

Many retailers that offer “custom furniture” are really only allowing you to change the fabric and the color of the piece, and while that may be an appealing idea, chances are there are still characteristics about that piece that you would change to fit your needs. 

Our customization capabilities

A furniture manufacturer like Living Designs Furniture actually handmakes the furniture they sell! This means that our customization capabilities go way beyond what a store can do. We can handle:

  • Custom upholstery fabric upgrades
  • Custom sizing
  • Custom cushion comfort levels 
  • Custom shape and design 
  • Custom upholstery details 
  • And more!

When it comes to finding the best custom furniture for your home, we like to provide you with options! You can either customize any piece you find in our showroom or online to fit your exact needs or create a piece completely from scratch to bring your unique vision to life! The possibilities are truly endless when you decide to design your own custom piece with us.

I spent every weekend for months shopping and could not find anything I loved. It was either the wrong shape, size, color, or out of stock. Then I heard about Living Designs Furniture and had to check it out. The options were endless! I found the exact size and style of sofa I wanted and they helped guide me through some fabric selections until I found the right color and texture. They were so patient and helpful!

Shelly R. | Satisfied Customer

3. We can provide pieces that you’ll love forever

When someone asks us if custom furniture is worth it, we can’t help but laugh. In our opinion, custom furniture is the answer to everything! The main complaint that customers have with furniture shopping is that every other furniture store in Houston either only carries trendy items that may not last the test of time or that they have to settle for what is on the store floor or online. And don’t even get us started on the decision fatigue!

Living Designs Furniture is different from other furniture stores because our mission is to help you find or create furniture that you’ll love forever, not just for one trend cycle. We take your needs and lifestyle into consideration as we designate what styles, fabrics, and individual pieces will suit you and your home best. Big retailers on the other hand often attempt to sell overpriced, poorly made furniture based on rapidly changing trends, with no thought given to the needs of furniture buyers. 

With our storefront and factory model, you can get furniture that you’ll fall in love with — and stay in love with — for years to come, because it will be made with you in mind. When you have custom furniture that truly reflects your style and preferences, you won’t feel the need to replace your furniture every few years, saving you time and money.

If you want custom furniture, want to customize with slight modifications, or to buy items they have in stock, I highly recommend Living Designs Furniture! From walking into the showroom, all the way to delivery, we had the best experience! And the prices were unbelievable!

Ashley M. | Satisfied Customer

You won’t find the best custom furniture anywhere else! Stop by Living Designs Furniture today.

Let’s just state the facts: the only way to get the best custom furniture is to go to the best furniture store — and we know for a fact that the best furniture store in Houston, TX is Living Designs Furniture. 

With our customizable showroom furniture (including our best-selling, Houston-inspired designer furniture collections) and our factory capabilities, we are the only furniture store in Houston that can give you the best quality furniture for the best price. 

If you’ve been looking for the best custom furniture in town without the hefty price tag, visit our Downtown Houston showroom today for affordable American-made furniture today. 

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