How to Furnish a New Home

July 13, 2022  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Curious about how to furnish a new home? Furnishing a new home can feel very overwhelming. Deciding on the perfect layout, design, and the overall feel is hard enough — then you factor in furniture and décor and it can feel like an endless chore. The excitement of moving into a space and furnishing a new home on a budget should be celebratory but a lot of times the exhausting amount of planning, spending, and work is too much to bear. 

You might be asking, “How do I furnish a new home?” or “Where do I start when furnishing a house?” No worries — in this blog, we will cover the three easy steps to furnishing your entire home stress-free!

1. Look at your floor plan for answers

Within the floorplan of your home, you have a clear indicator of space and configuration. The space you are working with will define the pieces that you need, the direction of the room, and the way your home should be set up. For smaller spaces, you won’t want to congest your room with large pieces of furniture. For open concept homes, you’ll want to maximize seating and use your furniture to create rooms within the open space. You can usually decide which pieces you will need to buy for your home just by looking at the layout in detail. 

Once you decide what kind of furniture you need, you’ll need to prioritize the order in which you buy them. What room should you furnish first is all dependent on the furniture you are bringing into your new home. For example, if you don’t have beds, you’ll most likely want to start with that and then your main seating; couch, sectional, or living room furniture. Prioritizing will help you avoid getting overwhelmed with large item spending. 

Another way to save money on buying furniture that is considered big-ticket items is to purchase discounted furniture or buy directly from a manufacturer. Definitely go to a furniture manufacturer that makes livable home furniture for all of your rooms that way you can get promotions on buying multiple pieces from the same source. 

2. Dream it, design it

This is the fun part. Design your furniture for your home in a manner that speaks to your personality and style. What style is going to speak to who you are and what you love? Are you more attracted to a more modern style? Do you like contemporary, traditional, eclectic, or maybe a little bit of everything? 

Try and imagine exactly what kind of home you want to wake up in every morning. Create a mood board with colors you love, fabrics, textures, or anything that inspires you. Consider colors and the way they make you feel. There are therapeutic values to color that oftentimes get overlooked in home design unless you’re using a skilled professional interior designer. If you’re looking for a bold, modern, grounding color, use red. For a calm, relaxing, natural vibe, use green. Warmer colors like rust, orange, copper, or gold can make you feel energized and confident. Cooler hues like blue, lavender, or periwinkle can make you feel more at ease, stress-free, and even creative. Life should be lived in color, and you should definitely use it in your furniture design. 

Make sure that you’re either shopping at a furniture store that has tons of options to choose from or allows for custom design. Choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle is important, this way you can ensure your personal touch is considered in the design of these large-scale items throughout your home. Once you get it delivered and set up in your space, you will feel right at home. 

3. Find the perfect store for furnishing your entire home

 Living Designs Furniture makes furniture shopping easy and more affordable. We have the best affordable living room furniture and bedroom furniture in Houston! Not only can you work with furniture experts to design the furniture of your dreams in the exact configuration you need, but also to specific dimensions and exact materials you love! Because we are the manufacturer and the retailer, you get to be the designer. 

You can browse our showroom to see all of the styles we have designed and make modifications or customizations that make it your own. We offer thousands of fabric and leather options including top grain leather, performance fabrics like Crypton, velvet, prints, patterns, and linens! Instead of spending thousands on a designer to help you make these tough choices, our experts will help you with the design concept, for free! Not only can the look of our furniture be customized but so can the feel! With three branded comfort levels, you are bound to find the perfect comfort level for your furniture and lifestyle needs. 

Learn how to furnish a new home with Living Designs Furniture

Now that you know how to furnish a new home, we hope that Living Designs Furniture can help you design your one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Our products are factory direct, meaning you get to cut out the middleman and get low and affordable prices on the products you love for your home! When you buy multiple items, you save more! You can create custom furniture to be delivered to your home in just 8-10 weeks or less. If you need something sooner, you can shop our ready-made inventory, which includes our best-selling items for a HUGE discounted price!

If you’re searching for Houston furniture for sale, look no further, Living Designs Furniture is here to help you get it done easily and affordably. Visit our showroom today and bring the dimensions of your space and any color pallets or design inspiration with you!

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