How Living Designs Furniture is Redefining How To Buy Furniture

August 30, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

If you have ever thought to yourself, “Why is buying furniture so hard?” you may be in search of how to buy furniture in new and improved ways. Furniture shopping in today’s day and age can be a hassle: you drive a great distance to a large furniture store, stroll aimlessly through endless aisles of over-styled displays, and either end up with nothing or head home with an overpriced couch that you aren’t obsessed with. Where’s the joy in any of this?

When we opened Living Designs Furniture, we decided that we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to revolutionize the way people view furniture shopping. We wanted to create a seamless shopping experience that customers would love while providing them with top-quality pieces that they will adore for a lifetime. So, how did we do it?

Here are a few examples of the ways in which Living Designs Furniture has redefined how to buy furniture.

We manufacture the furniture we sell

How do most people buy furniture? It’s common nowadays to either shop online for furniture or to visit a large chain store such as Rooms to Go or IKEA. Considering the current economic climate, it’s understandable that today’s customers are more concerned about pricing than quality, and it makes sense that they turn to cheaper models or “assemble it yourself furniture” to get the pieces they need for lower prices. However, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to purchase mass-produced, low-quality pieces to save money.

Living Designs Furniture provides top-quality furniture for incredible prices right here in Houston thanks to our factory-direct store model.  

About our factory-direct model 

What is the most economical way to purchase furniture? We are both a furniture manufacturer and a furniture retailer, meaning every piece of furniture we sell has been handcrafted in our on-site factory. This is why we are able to set our own fair prices for our products, as we have the ability to cut out third-party fees that plague other furniture stores. You’re not paying for a brand — you’re paying for the craftsmanship. Wondering how to buy furniture direct from the manufacturer? We make buying direct from a furniture manufacturer much simpler and more elegant with our showroom that is attached to the on-site factory.

Woman crafting furniture in the Living Designs Furniture factory.

We never let our customers settle for “almost perfect”

For many shoppers, the furniture selection process revolves around purchasing a piece or pieces that are close enough to what you actually wanted. You settle for a color that isn’t quite right to get the style of sofa you want. You settle for a 2-piece sectional because you couldn’t find a 3-piece in the shape you want. You settle for an uncomfortable chair because you love the color, but you wish the style and comfort were better. These pieces are “almost perfect,” but they are not perfect. 

With Living Designs Furniture, you won’t need to settle ever again. As the furniture manufacturer, we provide customizable furniture that allows you to get exactly what you want from your furniture. 

Love that couch but hate the fabric? Change it! Want to change the comfort level of the cushions? We can fix that! Adore that armchair but want it in a different size? We’ve got you covered! Want to recreate a designer sofa you found on Pinterest for less money? We can do it all. We craft the best custom furniture for the best prices in Houston so that you never have to settle for “almost perfect” ever again. 

Custom light gray sectional in neutral living room.

We employ experts over salespeople 

One of the most common complaints shoppers have about going to a furniture store is interacting with pushy salespeople. They follow you around the showroom, pressuring you to purchase trendy, overpriced items that you don’t really want or need in your home. They don’t cater your shopping experience to your unique needs, and it can make the entire experience incredibly frustrating. 

This is why Living Designs Furniture employs furniture experts instead of salespeople. Every expert in our showroom is well-versed in how our furniture is made, the materials, and what custom capabilities we can offer to you. Their deep knowledge of interior design can come in handy if you need decorating advice or are unsure what types of furniture would complement your space. We can truly help you transform your home into a space that you will truly love.

To our experts, furniture is more than just items that sit in a room. They should function in harmony with the rest of your home and those who live in it. We’re not in this business to simply sell you furniture, we’re here to help you make your space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

We have the expertise and the capabilities to bring your vision to life for a better price…and not many other furniture stores in Houston can say that.

Furniture expert helping a customer while sitting on a white sofa.

Living Designs Furniture is redefining how to buy furniture for your home

Everything you thought you knew about how to buy furniture, throw it away! Shopping for furniture does not have to be difficult, frustrating, or overly expensive. When you shop with Living Designs Furniture, our experts make the process simple and enjoyable while catering to every aspect of your unique needs. 

Our factory-direct storefront allows you to come into our showroom, browse our in-stock inventory without feeling overwhelmed or rushed, speak with an expert for advice, and even meet with a designer if you want something custom-made for you. We are a one-stop shop for all of your upholstered furniture needs right here in Houston.

Ready to revolutionize the way you buy furniture? Then head on over to our showroom in Downtown Houston or book a free design consultation with an expert to discuss your vision before you start shopping. You will be shocked at how simple and accessible purchasing new furniture that can last a lifetime can be!

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