Our Customers Say We’re the Best Furniture Store in Houston

September 12, 2022  ·  7 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

If you’re looking for the best furniture store in Houston, the easiest way to see if the retailer carries high-quality furniture is to read the business’s reviews! Many furniture retailers will claim that they are the best modern furniture stores in Houston but that doesn’t always mean they’re right. However, word-of-mouth is a very powerful tool, especially coming from loyal and happy customers who want to share their love.

At Living Designs Furniture, we greatly value the feedback that we receive from each and every one of our customers. The people that we serve in our community are the reason that we are as successful as we are, and we love to elevate their voices when given the opportunity. If you truly want to know why we are so beloved in the community, here are reasons why real customers believe that we are the best furniture store in Houston. 

1. We sell handmade, high-quality furniture 

The key to knowing what to look for when buying furniture is to examine what makes it good quality. As furniture experts, we know that the materials used to create the frame, the cushions, and the fabric are the best way to tell if a piece of furniture is of high quality.

Living Designs Furniture is made up of a team of expert craftsmen that uses only locally sourced, high-quality materials to make our furniture. We use hard wood for the frame, high-density foam for the cushions, and a wide range of durable fabrics to keep your furniture as long-lasting as possible. Every piece of upholstered furniture is handmade by Texans, for Texans so that our customers can have beautiful yet durable furniture pieces that are 100% made in the USA. You will feel the hard work that went into making every piece every time you lounge.

Here is what a Living Designs Furniture customer said about the quality and comfort of our upholstered furniture!

“After endless online searches, I went to the Living Designs Furniture showroom and fell in love with this sectional. Beautiful, quality fabric. Extremely comfortable and well-made. I decided to take a chance and buy this white sofa even with kids and a dog. So far so good!”

Andrea | Verified Customer

2. We create and sell furniture at affordable prices

Where can I buy affordable furniture in Houston? This question seems to be on everyone’s minds. Furniture can be an investment, and especially in this economic climate, you want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth with every purchase. So, what if we were to tell you that you can get high-quality upholstered furniture for a lower price?

A big reason why customers love Living Designs Furniture is our factory-direct, low prices! Because we hand-make our upholstered furniture in-house at our Downtown Houston factory, we are able to set our own, fair prices for our pieces. Living Designs Furniture is a combination furniture manufacturer and retailer which allows us to cut out the middleman and avoid charging hidden fees to our customers. And since we sell all of our own pieces, you won’t have to worry about paying extra for a brand name. 

Hear from another real-life customer who loved her new sofa so much that she came back for more.

“I’ve had my sofa for two years now. I love it! There were so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. The sofa had held up splendidly to my pup perching on the top cushion as well. We will buy from here again.”

Ivy S. | Verified Customer

3. We offer customizable furniture

How would you like to own one-of-a-kind, unique furniture that is comfortable, durable, and perfectly matched your style? If this sounds like a dream come true, you will love to hear about our custom upholstered furniture.

When some people hear the word “custom” they immediately shudder at the thought of the high price tag. With us, that is not the case. Because of big furniture stores, many people settle for furniture pieces that they don’t actually love. “The couch feels perfect, but I wish it could come in red.” We heard this tale so many times that we decided to do something about it.

Living Designs Furniture is redefining customizable furniture by allowing customers to get EXACTLY what they want with our custom options. If you love a piece on our showroom floor but want to change the color, upgrade the fabric, add buttons or studs, or make the cushions comfier…the possibilities are endless to make any piece of furniture feel like your own. 

If you want to build a piece of furniture completely from scratch, you can meet with our in-house designers to create your dream furniture! We have thousands of fabric and color options to choose from and a wide variety of styles that can be customized exactly to your liking. Just bring in inspiration photos, fabric swatches, and photos of your space to make the process that much smoother. This is why we are considered one of the best furniture stores for interior designers who want unique pieces that can fit any home style.

We work closely with local suppliers from Texas and Louisiana which has allowed us to avoid the shortages and delays that other retailers are facing in the industry — meaning you can get your new furniture sooner.

See how custom furniture can truly change your furniture shopping experience.

“We ordered our living room furniture with Dean. The furniture looks amazing. The pieces are beautiful. The custom work is quality. We were originally going to go with another furniture store and I’m glad we didn’t.”

Wanda R. | Verified Customer

4. We hire furniture experts 

Who you trust to help you buy quality furniture pieces can make or break your shopping experience. When you visit a basic furniture retailer, you are likely interacting with salespeople that do not have extensive knowledge of how the furniture they are selling you was made. They are there to do one job and one job only — to sell you furniture. At Living Designs Furniture, we hire furniture experts to help customers in our showroom find the perfect pieces for their homes and lifestyle, not pushy salespeople.

Experts like Sarah Zubowski and her team who understand the importance of furniture design make the shopping experience easier and less stressful. They can answer any and all questions you may have about current showroom pieces and our custom process. This way, you are more likely to walk out of our showroom with furniture that is perfect for you.

Here is what a real customer had to say about our furniture staff!

“Just received our new sofa. We love it! All I can say is we love this place. Today we purchased a two-piece curved sectional. Our salesperson was Dean and not only was he professional, but he also took his time with us and helped us find the perfect fabric. I will tell you, for a custom piece of furniture, you can’t beat this place! Five stars all the way for the company and its staff! Dean, thank you for all your help this morning.”

Thomas Y. | Verified Customer

Living Designs Furniture: The best furniture store in Houston

When people say that Living Designs Furniture is the best place to buy furniture in Houston, we believe that we have earned that reputation by making high-quality furniture more accessible, and affordable, for those in our community. 

We want every customer to be able to have the furniture they have always dreamed of. At the end of the day, our experts are here to help you bring the vision that you have for your home to life.

If you are looking to upgrade your home decor for less, we are here to help. Visit our Houston showroom today or call 713-921-5098 to speak with a designer today to begin your journey!

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