The Benefits of Crypton Upholstery Fabric For Your Home

June 6, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

You may have heard us talk about Crypton upholstery fabric before (we’re huge fans!), but do you know all the benefits that come with having this fabric on your furniture? As homeowners, we want our furniture to be stylish and comfortable for guests yet durable enough for the family to live on. It’s a lot to balance! And there’s nothing worse than purchasing a piece that you really love for it to be stained or worn down easily.

What you need in your home is a durable upholstery fabric that can withstand the unexpected elements that life brings while maintaining a luxurious look and comfortable feel. What you need in your home is Crypton upholstery fabric. Here’s why.

How Crypton fabric works

Before we dive into all of the great benefits that come with Crypton upholstery fabric, let’s first cover the basics. What is Crypton fabric, and how does it work?

Crypton is an innovative upholstery fabric for furniture that was designed to make life easier at home. Crypton is a type of performance fabric* where every thread is coated with a protective layer that can stand up to any and all of life’s messes and normal wear and tear. Basically, this fabric is virtually indestructible and manufactured to last much longer than other fabrics, making it a perfect choice for home furniture.  

*Keep reading: What is performance fabric?

What are the benefits of Crypton fabric?

Whether you’re searching for the best fabric for seat cushions or wondering if a Crypton fabric sectional is right for your home, there are multiple benefits to incorporating this advanced upholstery fabric into your space. 

If you want to see the magic of Crypton fabric in action, watch our founder, Youval Meicler, showcase all of Crypton’s greatest qualities.

1. Impenetrable design

The protective properties of Crypton fabric are likely its best selling point. A common pain point we hear about upholstered furniture is that it is difficult to maintain and keep clean. Do you want to eat dinner on the couch? Too bad — anything you spill won’t come out of the fabric. Do you want to have a crisp, white couch? Get ready to see every bit of dust and dirt on the surface! And let’s not talk about how long these pieces can take to properly clean. 

Well, what if we told you that with Crypton upholstery fabric, all those worries could be a thing of the past? Here is why customers rave about Crypton fabric:

  • Liquid-repellant: Crypton fabric has an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface easy to clean. No need to worry about spills or stains anymore when you have a Crypton fabric sofa! Go ahead and drink your red wine on the couch — it’s not a problem anymore!
  • Stain resistant: Spend less time cleaning stubborn stains and more time enjoying your furniture. The stain-resistant design will keep your furniture looking brand new for much longer!
  • Odor-resistant: Pet owners, say goodbye to smelly sofas. Crypton fabric can keep your sofas, chairs, and sectionals smelling fresh and odor-free.
  • Hypoallergenic: The impenetrable properties release soil, dirt, dust, and dander easily, so no allergens can get trapped in your furniture’s fabric! You can breathe easier as you lounge and relax on your furniture made with Crypton.

How do you care for Crypton fabric?

Easily! As mentioned in our guide on how to maintain upholstered furniture by our expert, Sarah Zubowski, most liquids simply roll off of Crypton fabrics, you can use a paper towel to blot the substance off the surface to clean Crypton fabric. Then, if necessary, mix a teaspoon of an enzyme detergent (Tide or Dawn, for example) with warm water into a spray bottle. Spray the area and use a soft brush to work in the cleaning detergent.

2. Virtually indestructible

When we say “virtually indestructible,” what exactly do we mean? Crypton fabric is incredibly durable because it is engineered to have enhanced abrasion resistance. This means that normal wear and tear will not have the same effect on it as it would other fabrics. Your pieces can still look brand new even after years of use! Crypton is manufactured to last as long as possible, so it can better protect your furniture and allow you to keep your beloved pieces for years to come. 

3. Luxurious in look and feel

Now, you might be thinking that a fabric like Crypton that is described as “impenetrable” and “virtually indestructible” must not be very comfortable. After all, those words don’t necessarily sound pleasant and inviting, do they? This is not the case for Crypton.

Contrary to its description, Crypton comes with a soft and luxurious feel that is also aesthetically pleasing. This fabric comes in a huge selection of patterns, colors, and textures as any fabric can have a Crypton treatment. For example, if you love the idea of a hot pink cotton couch but want a more durable fabric, you can get a hot pink, cotton Crypton fabric sofa that will look incredible and feel amazing. 

With Crypton, you will never have to sacrifice style and comfort for durability ever again.

4. Eco-friendly 

For our more eco-conscious consumers, you will be glad to hear that Crypton is a green product! The fabric is not treated with any toxic or harmful chemicals, and the process is low-emitting and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It is completely safe for the entire family.

Crypton upholstery fabric is a smart and sustainable fabric choice for any home, and it would be absolutely lovely in yours.

Interested in Crypton upholstery fabric for your home? Come to Living Designs Furniture!

If you want furniture fabric that is made to last, looks incredible, and is easy to maintain, you should consider adding Crypton upholstery fabric to your furniture. Living Design Furniture has a wide selection of Crypton fabric in endless color and texture options, so you can benefit from the fabric’s protective design while showcasing your personal style.  

Any of our furniture collection pieces can be customized to feature Crypton fabric — or you can fully customize your own piece from scratch! Whether you want a Crypton fabric sectional or an armchair made with Crypton fabric for your living room, we can bring your vision to life. 

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