Furniture Must-Haves For Hosting a Football Party

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Hosting a football party this fall? If so, you’ll want to keep reading this article. Football season is almost upon us, meaning football fans nationwide are gearing up to host the perfect football watching party for their friends and family. 

Some people throw up a few fold-out chairs in front of the TV and call it a day — but not you. You are a talented and diligent host who only wants the best for their guests when hosting a football party. And the most successful Houston hosts shop at Living Designs Furniture. 

If you are the ultimate gameday host (like we know that you are) there are a few furniture must-haves in our showroom that will score big points with your guests. Game on!

Hosting a football party: Furniture checklist 

When hosting a watch party, the most important factor is adequate seating in front of the television. No one wants to battle for seats, uncomfortably squeeze in with fellow attendees, or stand throughout the entire game. Whether you’re in your living room, home theater, or even outside on the patio, your guests require comfortable and spacious seating to enjoy their viewing experience. 

How do I make extra seating for a party? There are a few different ways to incorporate more seating into your space to accommodate any number of desired guests.

1. Invest in a spacious sectional sofa

If your living room seating is lacking, it’s time for an upgrade! Here at Living Designs Furniture, we are HUGE fans of the sectional sofa. Not only does it look great, it provides a nice amount of comfortable seating space for any number of guests! If you’re hosting a football party, there’s a high chance that the drinks and snacks will be flowing!

To avoid any beer spills or queso stains, we would highly recommend investing in a performance fabric sectional. Performance fabric, such as Crypton fabric, is virtually indestructible, liquid and stain-resistant, and looks and feels amazing so your sectional sofa can be comfortable and protected at all times.

We craft our sectionals to feel and look luxurious so that you can offer more seating space while maintaining a chic look tailored to your personal style. We can also accommodate for any floorplan meaning you can customize your sectional to include 1, 2, or even 5 pieces that will fit perfectly into your space. Now all of your guests can sit comfortably and enjoy the game!

2. Add comfy armchairs 

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a cozy armchair with a drink in your hand, watching your team score to victory! There are some guests that would prefer their own personal seat, making armchairs the perfect addition to your watch party seating chart. Especially if you need to rearrange your furniture positioning to be perfectly poised in front of the TV, an armchair is a lot easier to move than a whole couch. 

Accent armchairs are a great way to add additional seating with a bit of style. If you’re a die-hard fan of your team, you can customize the chairs to match your team’s colors! We can customize the size, shape, and details of our armchairs to match your needs and vision perfectly. Plus, these chairs can be extremely versatile pieces that will add flair and function to your home. 

3. Upgrade your patio furniture

Football season is almost synonymous with patio season here in Houston. When the weather starts to cool off, nothing can feel and look more gorgeous than enjoying a game with friends on your beautiful patio! But you have to have the right seating.

Living Designs Furniture has the best outdoor furniture Houston has to offer because it is made out of luxurious and durable teak wood for an incredible price. Not only does our teak wood patio furniture look incredible, but the dense wood is also crafted to withstand Houston’s unpredictable weather so that you can keep your pieces for years to come! 

If you want your guests to gasp in awe about how amazing and comfortable your patio space is, check out our patio furniture. Now you can turn on the bistro lights, ramp up the game, and enjoy your watch party outside!

Other helpful tips for hosting a football party

If you want your home to be the place to be this football season, follow these tips to make your football watching party feel as good as when your team wins the game.

Bring out the good snacks

Food will make or break any football watching party, especially since some party-goers may not even care too much about the game itself. These watch parties are a social gathering, so make sure you have plenty of snacks to go around!

Opting for easy-to-prepare meals that you can set and forget, like a big batch of chili or a DIY nacho or taco bar, allows your guests to serve themselves as they come and go so your hosting duties are kept to a minimum. Slow cookers are perfect for this kind of occasion. You can quickly prepare a tasty buffalo chicken or cheese dip that will stay warm for the duration of the game and serve a large crowd.

Remember, hungry guests are unhappy guests. So keep those bellies full and your loved ones are sure to enjoy the party!

Don’t forget the drinks

Food is certainly important, but your guests will be expecting a variety of ice-cold beverages to choose from as well. Although beer and football go hand-in-hand, it’s necessary to also provide plenty of soda and water. 

Rather than piling everything into the fridge, you can reduce kitchen clutter and foot traffic by keeping your drinks on ice in a conveniently located cooler or large bucket. You can even have some fun with your beverage selection — Jell-O shots and team-colored cocktails are easy to inject some team spirit into your drink offerings.

Don’t hesitate to decorate

While food and football will be the primary focus of your party, festive decorations can go a long way toward your watch party being a memorable one. You don’t have to break the bank, either. You can find some football-themed party packs at your local party store or supermarket that come with balloons, streamers, napkins, plates, and cups! 

Get your home watch party ready with Living Designs Furniture! 

If you’re hosting a football party in the near future, it’s important that your home is prepared to handle guests — this includes making sure your seating furniture is top-quality. Living Designs Furniture is a local Houston furniture store that has everything you could ever need to throw an amazing watch party. 

Our Houston-inspired designer furniture collections feature a variety of sofas, sectionals, and chairs to provide adequate seating with style for your guests. We can also customize any piece to fit your liking or create something special from scratch so you can have exactly what you need in your home. 

If you want furniture that will hold strong through the football and holiday season, visit our showroom today to see our in-stock inventory or book a free design consultation so our experts can help you get your dream furniture for an incredible price.

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