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How to Throw a Great Football Party

The Big Game is just around the corner, which means football fans nationwide are getting ready to host the perfect football party. While the ins and outs of throwing a party aren’t too complicated, you should consider doing more than simply rounding up friends and family and parking them in front of the big screen. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party this February, here are some tips for making sure your get-together scores plenty of points with your guests.

Provide Great Food

Food will make or break any football party. In fact, one could argue the Super Bowl is more about food than it is football, and your guests likely feel the same way, especially considering how many party-goers don’t actually care much for football.

Getting ready for the big game is important. At Living Designs Furniture, we have your seating needs from small to big crowds!You have a lot of options available when choosing what kinds of food to serve. You may be tempted to go all out and fire up the grill or show off your culinary skills in the kitchen, but opting for easy-to-prepare meals that you can set and forget, like a big batch of chili or a DIY nacho or taco bar, allows your guests to serve themselves as they come and go so your hosting duties are kept to a minimum.

Slow cookers are perfect for this kind of occasion. You can quickly prepare a tasty buffalo chicken or cheese dip that will stay warm for the duration of the game and serve a large crowd.

Offer Plenty of Appetizers

Living Designs Furniture hopes you enjoy the Super Bowl with the perfect sports room setting for friends and family!No football party is complete without finger food. Chips and salsa is a trusty appetizer, but more diverse options could dazzle your guests while also keeping them satiated. Consider something like a charcuterie plate paired with exotic cheeses or even something as easy as a vegetable platter with dressing or a homemade sour cream and onion or artichoke dip. Finger food keeps fans occupied, which in turn will make your party a hit.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Food is certainly important, but your guests will be expecting a variety of ice cold beverages to choose from as well. Although beer and football go hand in hand, it’s necessary to also provide plenty of soda and water. Plus, rather than piling everything into the fridge, you can reduce kitchen clutter and foot traffic by keeping your drinks on ice in a conveniently located cooler or large bucket. You can even have some fun with your beverage selection – Jell-O shots and team-colored cocktails are an easy to way inject some team spirit into your drink offerings.

Don’t Hesitate to Decorate

While food and football will be the primary focus of your party, festive decorations can go a long way toward your party being a memorable one. You don’t have to break the bank, either. You can find some football-themed party packs at your local party store or supermarket that come with balloons, streamers, napkins, plates and cups.

Football-Themed Everything

Your guests will appreciate you giving 100 percent when you give your party a football facelift. Some ideas to consider are Great tips for that perfect Super Bowl party from Living Designs Furniture!setting pigskin-themed tablecloth and napkins, baking some football-shaped brownies or cookies, adding any sort of gridiron or football-inspired décor to your cups and coolers like football laces made of white paper or scrunching up some yellow napkins so you can have your own penalty flags.

Consider Hands-On Party Favors

The game is played on television, but there’s no reason you can’t provide your guests with some fun and games of their own. One easy idea is to pass out football bingo cards. The cards can be downloaded and printed off the Internet. Simply pass them out to your guests as the game starts and watch as they keep their eyes and ears peeled for a certain type of commercial or kind of play on the field. You can also pass out party favors like whistles or set up a game of cornhole outside.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Seating

Providing enough seating for guests is essential to the success of your game-day celebration. No one wants to battle for seats, uncomfortably squeeze in with fellow attendees or stand throughout the entire game. Folding chairs aren’t exactly a comfortable alternative for a long game either. If you don’t have one already, now may be the perfect time to invest in a comfortable sectional that will provide plenty of seating and personal space for all guests and ensure your home is a hospitable location for future game gatherings.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable During the Big Game

From providing the right food and drink, to laying out some colorful decorations and fun and games, there are a lot of easy things you can do to ensure you throw a winning football party. When it comes to providing the utmost comfort for your guests, you may need to upgrade your living room furniture, Super Bowl or not. If you’re looking to give your family room a makeover, consider Houston’s comfort experts at Living Designs Furniture, who provide 100 percent customized upholstered living room furniture.

Call (713) 921-5098 or visit Living Designs Furniture online today for more information about how you can get your personalized living room set just in time for kickoff.

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