Custom Made Contemporary Furniture in Houston

January 14, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Looking for the opportunity to create custom-made contemporary furniture in Houston? Look no further than Living Designs Furniture! We understand the struggles of trying to find the perfect pieces for your home. Sometimes, you can’t find furniture that perfectly reflects your unique style in mainstream furniture stores — that’s why creating your own custom furniture is a great route to take to ensure your furniture comes out exactly the way you want it to! With us, custom doesn’t add up to cost and complication. 

Living Designs Furniture allows you to create the best custom furniture for your home for less money and with less hassle. You will work closely with our expert, in-house designers to create custom contemporary furniture in Houston exactly to your liking! 

What does contemporary mean in furniture?

“Contemporary furniture” alludes to furniture pieces that are popular or trendy right now. For example, a contemporary sofa in 2022 could be described as “eclectic with bold colors and made of protective fabric” since that is what is trending in the interior design industry at the moment.

Contemporary designs are ever-changing and growing, meaning that if you can’t find what you want in stores, you can create custom unique furniture pieces that reflect what design ideas you feel would reflect your style best in your home. 

How custom made contemporary furniture in Houston can improve your living space

Now that we have discussed what contemporary furniture entails, we have to address the question, “why design your own furniture?” Is it worth it to create your own custom pieces? The truth is, there are many benefits to customizing and designing your own furniture. When you work with the experts at Living Designs Furniture, they can help you to customize the following characteristics on your furniture piece:

  • Size
  • Height
  • Fabric
  • Seating Angles
  • Upholstery Details
  • Cushion Feel
  • Arm Design

Along with the ability to create a piece of furniture exactly to your liking, here are some other ways you can benefit from designing your own custom contemporary furniture.

Custom furniture can be cost-efficient

Custom furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you may even spend less on your finished piece than you would at a typical retail furniture store, and you’ll be getting exactly what you want. At Living Designs Furniture, we create all of our furniture pieces in our Downtown Houston factory, so we are able to set our prices more fairly than traditional stores. If you shop factory direct for your contemporary furniture in Houston, you won’t have to pay exorbitant labor or storage fees to customize your furniture. You will only pay an additional cost for your chosen materials and components and the time it takes to execute your customizations.

Custom furniture helps you to maximize space in your home

A common complaint that many customers express to us is not being able to find the perfect furniture pieces in the size they need. This can become a large issue when you’re in the process of placing furniture in your living room or in any other space in the home. In order to maximize space in your home, your furniture needs to be correctly sized in order to fit properly. If you happen to order a sofa that is too large, it can create the illusion that your room is much smaller and more cluttered than intended. 

If you choose to customize your own furniture pieces with Living Designs Furniture, you can create a sofa, chair, loveseat, and more in the exact dimensions you need to create a more open and balanced look in any space. 

You can create unique furniture that is aesthetically pleasing to you

Have you ever settled for basic and boring furniture pieces due to a lack of unique or aesthetically pleasing options? We all have our own style that is unique to us. We express this style through our clothing, so why can’t we express it through our furniture? Custom furniture with your personal style in mind can transform your living space into a sanctuary that feels like it reflects whoyou are. Customization also allows you to create unique furniture pieces that are not mass-produced. 

Say goodbye to having the same exact couch as your neighbor and hello to furniture that is made with you in mind.

Create Custom Made Contemporary Furniture in Houston with Living Designs Furniture 

Let’s be real — other contemporary furniture in Houston may look nice, but it is not made for your specific wants and needs for your home. You deserve beautiful furniture pieces that reflect a style you love in a size that you need. With Living Designs Furniture, your vision can become a reality. We provide many customizable options that can allow you to create the custom contemporary piece of your dreams. 

Ready to create your own custom-made contemporary furniture in Houston? Visit our Houston showroom today or call 713-921-5098 to speak with a designer today. 

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