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February 15, 2017  ·  3 min read

Crypton: The Liquid Repellent Fabric

Forget everything you know about cleaning fabric stains – at least when it comes to your furniture!

Crypton fabric offers everything you could ever dream of in a fabric. Not only does it come in a wide selection of textures, rich colors, and stylish prints, it is scientifically engineered to repel liquids! Check out the video below to see the liquid roll right off of the fabric

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. Your husband remembered to buy the fresh flowers you needed for your centerpiece and the dish you’ve been slaving over all day tastes delicious. Everything is going smoothly until one of your guests takes their wine into the living room and accidentally spills some on your brand new sofa. This scenario could ruin your perfect evening – unless your new sofa is made with Crypton fabric!

The Benefits of Crypton Fabric

As you can see in the video, liquids completely roll right off the surface of Crypton fabric. It has an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface to keep your furniture clean on the inside and out. This means you will spend less time cleaning up and more time making memories with your friends and family!

But there is so much more to this fabric than this liquid proof barrier. Crypton also includes built-in soil release to make cleaning simple and easy. There is no need to worry about pets with muddy paws or unwanted dust seeping into the lower layers of your furniture. Crypton covers and blocks it all! This means you can fearlessly buy any color you want – even those light pastels you never thought you could use in a home with children and pets around!

But the benefits of Crypton upholstery don’t end there. It is engineered to be virtually indestructible with enhanced abrasion resistance. This fabric is tough enough for even industrial use such as hospitals and five star hotels. Just imagine how it well it will hold up on the furniture in your home! Crypton prolongs the life of your furniture and offers the added value of furniture made to last. Compared to other fabrics with less features, Crypton offers the best value for your money!

Environmentally conscious customers will be thrilled to know that Crypton is also a green product. It is low-emitting and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Additionally, it is antibacterial and actually improves your home’s indoor air quality. With Crypton, you can prevent allergy causing odors from becoming trapped inside your sofa to create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Quality without Compromise

And the cherry on top – this fabric feels just as lush and luxurious as any other high end fabric! You might think this specialty fabric would lose some of its softness with all of these high-tech features. However, there are no tradeoffs with Crypton – it is very soft and perfectly pleasant to the touch. With Crypton fabric, you can have your cake and eat it too- right on top of your new furniture from Living Designs Furniture!

Visit our showroom any time during our business hours to view samples of this upholstery.

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