Why Teak Wood is the Best Patio Choice in Houston

November 22, 2021  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Let’s Talk about Teak Wood…

Picking the right outdoor furniture can feel exhausting, both mentally and financially. Especially when you live in a place like Houston where your outdoor furniture is exposed to all of the elements: heavy rain, heavy sun, heavy pollen, and even snow occasionally. The experts at Living Designs Furniture are here to make sure your outdoor furniture can withstand anything mother nature throws at you while providing quality, locally sourced items.

With countless options you may find yourself asking yourself, if metals rusts, wicker splits, and plastic never lasts; what are you supposed to buy if you want your outdoor furniture to last? Teak wood.

Why is Teak Wood so Durable?

Teak wood contains a high content of silica, (one of the most common minerals on the Earth’s crust used most commonly for removing moisture) will weather the elements, and last for years and years when left outdoors in the elements. In fact, most boats were made of teak before the creation of fiberglass. And teak wood is the only type of wood, which can make these claims.

Is Teak Wood Furniture High Maintenance?

Teak furniture is very easy to maintain.

Teak furniture requires little maintenance other than an annual cleaning to remove dirt and dust. However, over time untreated teak wood will begin to turn a silvery grey color as it ages in the sunlight. For this reason, many choose to treat their teak wood in order to protect the beautiful and rich colors of teak.

How to Treat Your Teak Wood?

In order to preserve the lifespan of teak, you have two options to either oil or seal the wood, both of which have pros and cons.


Oiled teak furniture is usually oiled to achieve a glossy and natural finish. The oil “nourishes” the wood and amplifies the grain and color. Applying oil to the teak gives it a warm and rich look. Many people choose to oil their teak because they like the beauty that oil can bring back. However, you should note that teak oil does not protect the wood, it merely recovers the rich appearance that teak wood can offer. 

Additionally, teak oil must be applied every 6 months or as needed in order to keep the look.


Sealed teak is another form of teak wood care. Sealers are different from oils because they do not “feed” the wood more oils or resins. Instead, they seal in the oils and resins that the existing wood contains while at the same time preventing contaminants and moisture from harming it. Though sealer needs to be reapplied annually, it is much less work than oiling.

To ensure the glossy finished appearance, it is best to keep a nice coating of environmentally safe teak sealer on the wood by reapplying once a year.

Teak wood patio furniture

Is Teak Wood Worth the Investment?

Yes. Teak is one of the most expensive materials on the market and for good reason. It lasts. The good news is teak doesn’t always have to break the bank – that’s where Living Designs Furniture comes in. As with all of our furniture, we are devoted to bringing you the best products at the best price.

Shop Local, Quality Teak Wood Options at Living Designs Furniture

Our teak wood sofa and chair sets have been sealed for your convenience, giving it a warm, rich, and finished look.

The sofa starts at $1199 and the Chair at $699.  Paired with any of our countless outdoor performance fabric options. This could be the answer to all of your outdoor furniture needs.

Many retailers require that your furniture be purchased as a set, whereas we are selling the pieces’ ala cart, giving you the option of creating more variety in your home. Many people enjoy these gorgeous pieces inside the home as well as outside.

Visit us and learn more about our teak wood furniture in person at our downtown location and get started on your design today!

teak wood patio furniture

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