3 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio for the Holidays

October 19, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

As the holidays are fast approaching, and the itch to entertain guests is only getting stronger, it may be time to upgrade your patio space! Holiday hosts often neglect their outdoor spaces when planning their festive decorations, but the patio is an extension of your home that can easily enhance your home decor vision. Just think about it, your outdoor area is an empty canvas with endless possibilities!

If you’re wanting to take the party outside this year, the experts at Living Designs Furniture have some timeless and simple tips for how to upgrade a patio into a space that is inviting and festive!

1. Add cozy upholstered furniture for extra seating  

When it comes to decking out your outdoor space, there are two factors to consider: aesthetics and functionality. You want the space to look beautiful and inviting but you also want it to be functional and comfortable for anyone who visits. Good quality patio furniture checks both of those boxes!

The benefits of teak wood furniture 

From a design standpoint, beautifully upholstered teak wood furniture is a great addition to any patio space. The sleek and timeless design is stunning year-round and can be dressed up or down depending on the season! Add some spooky throw pillows for a Halloween touch or plaid blankets to go with your winter wonderland!

Teak wood patio furniture is also functional and durable. If you’re planning on hosting guests, patio furniture can provide extra seating space so that you can expand your gathering’s capacity. The more the merrier! As for durability, the materials used to make teak wood can weather the elements and last for years and years when left outdoors — a great quality in Houston’s unpredictable weather. 

Buying furniture on a budget for your patio is easy with Living Designs Furniture. We carry a beautiful teak wood outdoor furniture set in our Houston showroom that is both comfortable and stylish for any season. Stop by today to pick one up for your home!

2. Install a fire pit

The weather outside isn’t always frightful, but a fire pit is always delightful!

Although temperatures below 50 degrees aren’t the norm in Houston year-round, installing a fire pit can’t be beaten for comfort and atmosphere on those cooler nights. Fire pits are not only necessary for keeping an outdoor space warm in cold weather, but they can also act as a central gathering place and a cooking tool for those who prefer to hang around in the fresh air. 

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, giving thanks, or telling scary stories, your family and guests will be glad to soak up all of the cozy vibes around the fire!

3. Brighten up the space with stringed lights

Let’s be honest about something — porch lights are too harsh. Nothing kills the mood more than looking up into fluorescent lights that are likely covered in bugs. It’s just not elegant or attractive. 

How can I make my patio area look better? Is there a way to add more ambiance to my patio?

Installing stringed lights around your outdoor space is a great way to brighten up the area without blinding your guests. The soft glow from stringed lights can give your patio a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it one of the best DIY patio decor tips. You can even change the type of string lights you use to match the current holiday you’re celebrating!

Upgrade your patio with the help of Living Designs Furniture!

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space this season, our experts have all the best tips for how to upgrade your patio for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for quality and affordable patio furniture in Houston or are in need of guidance on how to furnish a new home, we can help you to create a space that will not only entertain guests but will also make them incredibly jealous!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to upgrade your patio. With gorgeous outdoor furniture and a few personal touches here and there, your entire home will be holiday-ready. Visit our showroom today to transform your patio into holiday heaven!

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