How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Home

August 23, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Are you wondering how to choose a color palette for your home? It is a very important and personal journey because the colors in your space evoke energy and emotion. Understanding Pantone color trends and the ways that color can enhance your mood or create frequency is paramount. There are many ways to use an accent color in your home design that will make your home feel more comfortable, personal, and relaxing. Identifying the goal with your design is the first step to making the right color choices for your space.

Many people are intimidated by color because they feel like purchasing something that isn’t in a neutral color palette is a commitment and locks them into a certain look. What they are not considering is that it is also locking them into a certain feeling in their home. Before approaching your furniture design, you should first identify the goals you have with the room that you are furnishing. If the goal is to create a certain “look and feel” it’s best to know the effect of specific colors.

Tips for choosing a color palette for your home

Consider seasonality

Are you intending your space to be easily decorated seasonally? Choose a color that meshes well with darker and lighter hues, like yellow. Yellow can go with dark navy tones and light pastels!

Consider the desired style

Want to give your space a modern and clean look? Get a red couch! Sounds crazy? It’s bold and artsy and red goes with all neutral pallets that often create the contemporary look. Red among an otherwise black and white space can feel edgy and add a big pop of color with minimal effort!

Consider the effect of the color

Red is used when trying to accomplish a bold or confident, attention-grabbing effect. It’s loud and is sure to make a statement. Red can be used in every style from traditional to modern and can really add a pop of color to your home. Many people rely on red to break up the otherwise beige, brown, black, or neutral colors. Red hues expand to include maroon, pink, blush, and even some variants of purple.

Oranges and yellows tend to provide warmth, positive energy, and a happy tone to their environment. Yellow and orange are often the Pantone color of the season because of their versatility to adapt from season to season.

Greens are known for bringing elements of nature into your home. Let’s say that your window looks out to the highway or your neighbor’s home, adding green accent colors can really provide lush and deep elements that are generally found in nature.

Blues and Purples are calm and relaxing. From Caribbean water blue to cobalt and violet, these hues can add a calming frequency to any space. For people that are in high-stress jobs like hospitals, blue can provide the type of comforting energy they crave while away from home.

Go with custom furniture to get that perfect hue

Designing customizable furniture that really speaks to your home and personality is made easy when you work with experts in this craft. Designers can cost thousands of additional dollars, which is why finding a custom upholstered furniture manufacturer is a great alternative. When you work with people who build custom furniture you get the design expertise included in the purchase of your furniture. 

An expert will help you determine the perfect fabric for your home. Whether you need performance fabric or specialty type fabrics, having a professional opinion is important. Design experts will help you browse color swatches for fabric to determine the best color as well, they will know if it’s better to use a lighter or darker shade in your home, based on your surrounding decor.

Living Designs Furniture can create your dream furniture with your perfect color palette

Want to know how to choose a color palette for your home? Get with a furniture designer! At Living Designs Furniture, you can get exactly what you want with the help of furniture experts, for a fraction of the normal retail cost. If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy affordable furniture in Houston?​​” Your search ends here. 

Being the manufacturer, you’re not at all limited in the design or specifications of your furniture. You can design unique furniture pieces that are right for your home, life, and family. Factory direct prices make your furniture more affordable because there is no middleman in the process. Ordering your furniture directly from the manufacturer will help you achieve all your design goals at an unbeatable cost.

Planning to visit Living Designs Furniture? Bring the dimensions of the space you’re working with along with any inspirational photos or pictures of your room. This will help the design experts guide you to the best style, configuration, and perfect color for your furniture!

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