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July 14, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

You may have had difficulty finding a modern furniture store in Houston that can meet all of your furniture needs — but not anymore. Living Designs Furniture is a furniture manufacturer that sells high-quality modern furniture in Houston, as well as many other styles, for the best prices around. 

Shopping for that perfect piece of modern furniture for your home can be an overwhelming experience, especially in a city as big as Houston. With so many stores and retailers to choose from, both online and in person, it seems like the options are endless! Well, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices so that you can shop at the best store for modern furniture in HTX!

Here are a few reasons why Living Designs Furniture is one of the best modern furniture stores in Houston — if not the best!

1. Our showroom is designed to decrease decision fatigue

Due to its versatility and timeless appeal, modern furniture is one of the most popular types of furniture that you’ll see on the floor of a furniture store. It is exactly because of this popularity that it can be so overwhelming to choose which pieces would be right for your home. You may aimlessly wander around countless furniture stores or browse through untold online listings before you find something that you like. And when the decision fatigue kicks in, you’ll likely just want to give up.

But what if there was a furniture store that simplified the shopping process to create a more seamless, stress-free experience? 

Why Living Designs Furniture is different from any other modern furniture store in Houston

Living Designs Furniture’s mission is to help you find exactly what you want from your modern furniture. When you come into our showroom, you’ll be greeted by a furniture expert who will get to know you and your needs and guide you through your furniture-buying journey. We don’t overwhelm you with hundreds of furniture models. Instead, we show you some examples based on what you may be looking for and help you narrow down your decision until you find exactly what you want.

An easier shopping experience can help you to feel less pressure and fewer overwhelming feelings so that you can make a decision with a clear mind, and spend your hard-earned money on pieces you really love. Finding modern chic furniture has never been easier.

2. You can customize your very own modern furniture style

A common complaint that we hear often is that it’s difficult to find modern furniture that feels perfect for you. You may have found a great modern sofa, but the color isn’t right. Or you really want to experiment with mixing modern and traditional furniture, but none of the pieces in the store fit your home’s current style. Well, we know of a furniture store in Houston that can give you exactly what you want for the best price.

One of the biggest perks of Living Designs Furniture is that we are both a furniture retailer and furniture manufacturer that sells our own handmade furniture from our on-site factory. This allows our customers to fully customize any piece of furniture they want, whether it’s a pre-made piece in our showroom or a piece you create fully from scratch! You can choose the color, fabric type, upholstery details, size, shape…you name it! 

You’ll no longer need to settle for modern furniture that is “almost perfect” or “good enough.” You can have the modern pieces of your dreams for a better price when you shop with us. 

3. We carry both trendy and timeless modern pieces

While other furniture retailers will only sell you what’s trending, Living Designs Furniture offers a blend of on-trend and timeless pieces inspired by the modern style. The modern furniture style has evolved so much over the years that we prefer to give our customers the option to stick with the classic silhouettes, try out a funky new style, or meet somewhere in the middle!

For example, our Montrose Collection is designed to put a modern spin on classic concepts so each piece can fit seamlessly into any home decor. It has sleek lines and a minimalistic vibe to match the modern aesthetic while breathing new life into a vintage concept. 

If you’re looking for a sofa or armchair to complete your mid-century modern living room, we have the pieces you’re looking for to add those finishing touches. Don’t limit your options to just what’s trendy or featured in every magazine; explore your own personal style within the modern aesthetic to create a one-of-a-kind space that is unique to you!

Looking for a modern furniture store in Houston that will have what you need? Visit Living Designs Furniture today!

It’s just a fact: Living Designs Furniture has the best modern furniture Houston has to offer. In a market saturated with so many styles of modern furniture, go to a modern furniture store in Houston that you can trust will have exactly what you need. You can peruse our showroom floor to see our modern styles, check out our Houston-inspired furniture collections online, or speak with a designer about starting your own custom project!

And the best news: you can get your perfect modern furniture pieces for incredible prices that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! As the manufacturer of the furniture that we sell, our customers get to enjoy our factory-low prices on top of the great savings we offer! Get great furniture for a great price? Sounds like a deal to us!

If you’re on the hunt for modern chic furniture, visit our Downtown Houston showroom today and explore the best modern furniture store in Houston! 

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