New Year’s Resolutions: Furniture Goals

January 5, 2023  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

As we are settling into the new year, we believe that everyone could use some updated furniture goals. As trends move faster than ever and fast furniture is on the rise, shoppers are more likely to experience buyer’s remorse than ever before. Great furniture is already an investment, so why spend your money on pieces that don’t fit your personal space and won’t benefit you long-term? Living Designs Furniture has the solutions you’ve been looking for. 

If you’re looking for new year’s resolutions to set for yourself this year, our furniture goals are meant to help you build healthier furniture-buying habits and allow you to purchase sustainable, quality pieces that you’ll actually love.

1. Ditch the trends and find your personal style

Fast-paced trend cycles that dictate what’s “in” and what’s “out” have encouraged hyper-consumption of lower-quality pieces at a faster rate than ever before. It’s alarming how quickly shoppers are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the latest couch design only to donate it not only a year later in favor of something newer. 

Trends can be nice to refer to for inspiration, but they should not be treated as a list of must-have items, especially with furniture. Furniture is meant to last you a lifetime if made correctly, so why not spend your hard-earned money on pieces that fit your home and your style? Trends can be fun to incorporate in small ways (like color palettes), but it’s important to find your personal style and fill your home with furniture that reflects who you are. 

This is one of the biggest benefits of having traditional furniture that caters to your needs — you’ll save money and you’ll love it forever. No need to worry that your sofa or bed frame will go “out of style.”

2. Buy high-quality furniture that you love 

This can seem self-explanatory, but as we’ve just discussed, trends can pressure consumers into buying furniture they don’t really love resulting in more clutter and more waste. In the new year, you should make it one of your furniture goals to not settle for low-quality furniture and only purchase high-quality pieces that will last you a lifetime. 

How do I choose good furniture?

Good furniture is an investment, but knowing what to look for when buying furniture can save you time and money in the future. You want furniture that is made from high-quality, durable materials that can be customized to fit your personality. Living Designs Furniture offers its customers the ability to purchase ready-made, handcrafted furniture with custom capabilities. Or, you can create your own piece entirely from scratch! All of our materials are sourced from Texas and Louisiana from our trusted suppliers. If you purchase furniture from us, it’s likely that you’ll never need to replace it ever again, saving you money.

3. Take better care of your furniture

Once you find furniture that you adore, it is crucial that you learn how to take care of it properly. Well-maintained furniture can and will last you a lifetime, making it the perfect investment for the new year. We have a detailed article on how to maintain upholstered furniture courtesy of our expert, Sarah Zubowski, but in short:

  • Design furniture with durable materials and fabrics (like performance fabric)
  • Dry pat any dirt or liquids first — don’t rub!
  • Vacuum and clean furniture regularly to reduce normal wear and tear

These tips will keep your beloved furniture lasting longer and will save you from having to replace worn-out pieces every few years. 

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4. Buy from a local furniture shop

A great new year’s resolution to adopt healthy buying habits is to shop local! Local furniture shops are more likely to produce quality, sustainable furniture than national companies that produce a large amount of product in a short amount of time. 

If you’re looking for affordable furniture in Houston, Living Designs Furniture is a local furniture manufacturer and retailer in Houston that can help you to find your dream furniture for less.

What does a furniture manufacturer do?

As a furniture manufacturer, all of the furniture sold and created at Living Designs Furniture is made in-house by our expert craftsmen. Because we hand make all of our furniture, we know exactly what materials are used to create it and can set our own factory-direct prices. This is how we are able to sell high-quality furniture for a better price than other retailers.

If you want to purchase beautiful furniture and support a local business in Houston, come on down to Living Designs Furniture in Downtown Houston for a furniture shopping experience you will never forget. 

Living Designs Furniture can make your furniture goals come true

Whether your furniture goals are to shop local or to spend less on flighty trends, the experts at Living Designs Furniture can help you to achieve all of your home decor aspirations. With our talented craftsmen, endless customization options, and top-quality materials, you can fill your home with furniture pieces that you’ll love for the rest of your days. 

Have a new outlook on furniture in the new year. Visit our Downtown Houston showroom today and speak to one of our experts. Together, we can create your dream furniture for a better price. 

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