Best High-End Furniture Stores in Houston

December 15, 2022  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

What are the best high-end furniture stores in Houston? People who ask these questions or search this query online will be flooded with names of high-end furniture brands around town that — spoiler alert — can’t give them what they truly need for a good price.

In today’s world, the term “high-end” is often equated with a high price tag. Consumers have been tricked into believing that a high price tag is synonymous with luxury and quality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you need new furniture or are simply itching to do some home decorating, don’t be fooled by these “high-end” furniture stores that over-promise and under-deliver.

What if we told you that you could bring home affordable luxury furniture that will brighten up your space, last a lifetime, and not hurt your wallet? Living Designs Furniture is a local furniture manufacturer and retailer that can provide you with the luxurious pieces you want for a better price. 

Living Designs Furniture vs. high-end furniture brands 

Here are reasons why Living Designs Furniture can offer more than other high-end furniture brands in Houston.

Timeless vs. trendy

While most high-end furniture brands sell mass-produced furniture pieces to reflect the latest trends, Living Designs Furniture creates products that are meant to last and be loved forever. Nowadays, trend cycles are moving faster than ever before, and what was deemed a “must-have” is now seen as unstylish. It can be common for consumers to get sucked into the cycle of buy and replace every time brands come out with their latest design. 

At Living Designs Furniture, we encourage our customers to invest in traditional and timeless designs that they will love for years to come. Our high-end traditional furniture pieces are built to last with the highest quality materials available for a more affordable price than our competitors. 

We know – it sounds too good to be true. If you’re skeptical, head over to our showroom today to see our designs for yourself! We carry a variety of styles that may suit your taste!

See why people say we are one of the best modern furniture stores in Houston and the best furniture store for interior designers.

Custom vs. mass-produced

One of the reasons why customers have deemed us the best high-end furniture store in Houston is that we can produce custom furniture without the hefty custom price tag. When you shop at any furniture store, you are essentially settling for pieces that the buyers have chosen for you. If you are willing to spend a large sum of money on a high-end sofa that you don’t truly love, you might as well come into Living Designs Furniture and create your own custom piece with us.

Custom furniture allows you to have exactly what you have dreamed of with no compromises necessary. And, if you are economically and environmentally conscious, read up on how custom furniture is sustainable furniture. Save time, money, and energy by designing your dream furniture with us.

Quality vs. quantity

High-end furniture retailers may tell you that their pieces are crafted with the highest quality materials, but in most cases, they aren’t showing you the whole picture. It’s no secret that when retailers need to sell vast quantities of a product, they will cut corners on quality to make a profit. Now, while not all furniture stores engage in this practice, you can never be sure unless you speak with the manufacturer.

Luckily for you, Living Designs Furniture is the manufacturer of all the furniture pieces we sell in our showroom. Every piece of furniture is carefully crafted by our local, expert furniture manufacturers with locally-sourced, high-quality materials. And, because we don’t crank out hundreds of the same product, our pieces are more unique than what you can find in other stores.

Living Designs Furniture is the best high-end furniture store in Houston

Imagine getting quality, gorgeous, affordable luxury furniture all in one destination. Living Designs Furniture has become Houston’s one-stop-shop for those who need new furniture to upgrade their living space. Our commitment to quality and helping our customers create their dream furniture is why they see us as the best furniture store in Houston.

Skip the other high-end furniture brands and visit the Living Designs Furniture showroom in Downtown Houston and speak with one of our experts.

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