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January 5, 2022  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

When you shop factory direct for affordable custom furniture, you’re saving yourself time and money on furniture pieces that will fit you and your home best. Some may say that creating custom furniture is expensive and time-consuming, but those individuals have clearly never been to Living Designs Furniture! 

Furniture, especially custom upholstered furniture, can be an investment. This idea sends some customers running to big-brand furniture sellers to purchase cheap, mass-produced furniture pieces. However, buying quality, brand new, or even custom furniture at affordable rates is possible! 

In order to do so, you need to find a combined manufacturer and retailer who is able to cut out the middleman to provide the best custom furniture for less money and with less hassle. Living Designs Furniture is a Houston-based furniture manufacturer and retailer that allows its customers to shop factory direct for affordable custom furniture.

Reasons to shop factory direct for your furniture

Recently, factors including material shortages, growing demand, and increased costs are making it difficult for retailers to get parts, create products, and deliver them to their customers in a timely manner. Thanks to our factory-direct model, Living Design Furniture is not having these issues. Here’s how:

We cut out the middleman

All of our furniture is handmade in our Downtown Houston factory. When you purchase furniture from Living Designs Furniture, you are working directly with our staff to create and deliver your pieces in a timely fashion — not a third-party vendor. Communicating directly with the factory allows consumers to make modifications to a product, fast-track the production schedule and ask direct questions about the furniture and its construction. 

Because we build our own furniture, our turnaround time for creating and delivering custom upholstered furniture is as little as 8-10 weeks! Most custom manufacturers may not be able to produce your pieces for up to two years due to production delays. If you choose to design your pieces with us, we will be able to design, craft, and deliver your pieces to you in no time. When you shop factory direct, you will have a clear line of communication about your furniture because we are the manufacturer and the retailer all in one.

We can provide lower, factory-direct costs

Buying home furnishings directly from the manufacturer cuts out a significant part of the supply chain process, reducing the cost of the furniture by eliminating unnecessary add-on charges to compensate for supply chain costs. Costs reduced or eliminated include:

  • Packaging
  • Warehouse handling
  • Transport
  • Marketing
  • Retail

When you cut out all these steps, the cost of getting the furniture into your home is significantly less for the retailer, and in the case of Living Designs Furniture, we’re happy to pass some of those savings on to you, the consumer. This is how we can provide high-quality furniture for less in Houston

When you choose to purchase pieces or create affordable custom furniture with Living Designs Furniture, you are working directly with the individuals who are overseeing every step of the process. Our pieces aren’t mass-produced — they are made with you in mind for a much lower cost than traditional furniture retail stores. 

We can customize furniture to your unique style and needs

Why design your own furniture? There are many benefits to creating custom upholstered furniture with Living Designs Furniture. At your average furniture store, your choices are limited to whatever you see on the showroom floor, and those options can feel extremely limiting. 

Customizing your furniture allows you to create unique furniture with your personal style in the exact dimensions you need it. We understand that no one knows your style like you do, which is why we’re proud to offer customizable upholstery and sizes so you can get the exact furniture you want for your home. With hundreds of different fabric options and many ways to make your pieces unique, you’ll never have to settle for basic furniture again. Living Designs Furniture has designers, craftsmen, and extensive furniture fabrication capabilities on-site so that your options can extend far beyond what you find in the showroom.

Get Quality, Affordable Custom Furniture with the Help of Living Designs Furniture!

The ability to shop factory direct for affordable custom furniture is not a luxury all furniture sellers can provide. With Living Designs Furniture, you can buy quality furniture for the best price and decorate your home with personalized, unique pieces that are sure to elevate your home. And with our factory-direct model, you will receive handcrafted custom furniture that won’t break the bank in less time than other furniture manufacturers. Together, we help you bring your vision to life to create your perfect living space — it’s that simple! 

Visit our Houston showroom today or call 713-921-5098 to speak with a designer today to have furniture made your way. 

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