Custom Bed Frames For Kids

December 21, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

“Let’s design your dream bedroom” — this is a sentence that any child would love to hear. Unfortunately for parents, completing an entire bedroom makeover can be a time-consuming and expensive task. However, we know just the thing that can make both your child and your wallet happy.

If your child is looking to transform their bedroom space, Living Designs Furniture creates custom bed frames for kids that can add a charming and elevated touch to any bedroom with a look and feel that speaks to them. 

As the focal point of the bedroom, a unique bed frame can be just what your child’s room needs to take their room from “good enough” to the best bedroom ever. If you’re in need of gift ideas for kids, a custom bed frame could be that perfect present to elevate their room!

Can you get a custom bed made? Absolutely! We can create high-quality and stylish upholstered bed frames for prices that you won’t believe. Here are some reasons your child might want their very own custom upholstered bed from Living Designs Furniture.

1. Custom bed frames show off their style

A child’s room is more than just their bedroom; it’s their sanctuary, their getaway, and a place to call their own. Having a space that reflects one’s personality and style is a top priority for many kids. They want their space to feel like an extension of themselves, a place that truly mirrors who they are and what they like — and not every child has the same tastes. A custom bed frame allows a child to personalize their space according to their tastes, preferences, and interests. This is where our customization capabilities can make your child’s dreams come true! 

If your child has ever asked, “​​Can I design my own bed frame?” you can proudly tell them “yes” with the help of Living Designs Furniture. We can create classic and elegant silhouettes for the timeless teen, or more interesting bed frames for the quirky kid who loves to experiment. With endless color and fabric options to choose from, whatever colors, patterns, or shapes they love, we can incorporate them into their bed frame to add more of their style into their space. 

Light green crushed velvet bed frame with a tufted headboard.

2. Custom bed frames make the room feel cozier

On top of being a place to sleep, a bedroom is also a child’s primary spot for doing homework, hanging out with friends, and spending their free time. Because of this, it’s important that they have a space that is as comfortable and inviting as possible. An upholstered bed frame can create a cozier space that they’ll want to spend time in! 

From a design perspective, upholstered bed frames often feature padded headboards or frames that are covered in colorful or neutral fabric, creating a softer and more cushioned surface compared to wooden or metal frames. This feature can add warmth to the space that traditional bed frames can’t always achieve. Not to mention that fabric headboards tend to be more aesthetically pleasing!

Here’s a fun tip for parents: if you have younger children who are apprehensive about bedtime, creating a bed that they love can make bedtime something they look forward to every night.

Mother kissing her child goodnight in bed.

3. Custom bed frames can be functional 

A designer bed frame from Living Designs Furniture is not only a vessel for your child’s favorite colors or patterns, but it can also be a functional piece as well! Custom bed frames with built-in storage or a trundle bed are a great addition to any child’s room! 

Is your child’s room in need of extra storage? If your little bookworm or action-figure enthusiast doesn’t have space for extra shelving, a bed frame with storage is the perfect solution to keeping their room tidy. Similarly, if their closet space is a little too small to fit all of their shirts and shoes, a multi-purpose bed frame can act as a second set of drawers! This way, your kid’s belongings can be tucked neatly away in an accessible place and not scattered around the floor.

Nothing screams “sleepover” quite like a trundle bed! Your child’s custom bed frame can feature a pull-out bed underneath that can accommodate their friends. With a bed like this, no kid will have to sleep on an uncomfortable floor — or out in your living room. 

Custom bed frames allow you to cater the design to your child’s preferences and lifestyle needs.

Living Designs Furniture can handcraft custom bed frames for kids at better prices!

Let’s be real: custom kids beds can cost a fortune at other stores, but not at Living Designs Furniture. We are one of Houston’s best places to buy a bed frame because you can either choose from our wonderful selection of handcrafted bed frames or customize the frame to perfectly suit your kid’s personality, taste, and style! Whether you’re on the hunt for gift ideas for kids that will really make an impression or simply want to elevate your child’s room, a custom bed is a great addition that they’ll cherish and enjoy for years to come.

Ready to get started? Book a free design consultation today at our Downtown Houston location and speak with an expert about creating your child’s dream bed. You can either bring your child along and let them be a part of the process, or keep it all a secret for a surprise they will never forget! 

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