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May 25, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

As a child, there were no words more exciting to hear than “Let’s pick out a paint color for your room,” or as we heard it when we were young, “Let’s design your dream bedroom.” As we age though, looking through paint swatches, feeling the fabric of pretty duvet sets, and begging our moms for a bean bag chair seems to all be in the past. 

As an adult, our bedroom is expected to be plain as a reflection of its function, meaning the bedroom is simply a place to sleep. However, we think that’s ridiculous. Your bedroom should be your personal oasis, a comfortable place to escape, relax, and unwind — and it should reflect your personality.

If you’re looking to design your dream bedroom, Living Designs Furniture is here to help you bring your vision to life! Say goodbye to boring bedrooms and hello to your new stylish space with these tips for a cozy bedroom.

How to upgrade your bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re wondering how to make a bedroom cozy on a budget, we have ideas for additions to your bedroom — both big and small — that can transform your room into your personal oasis.  

Utilize an upholstered bed frame

There is one element that folks tend to overlook in their bedroom redesign: the bed, or more specifically, what frames the bed. As the focal point of your bedroom, your bed should stand out beyond the sheets, duvets, and pillows. If you truly want to take your bedroom aesthetic to new heights and make it as cozy and stylish as possible, adding a custom bed frame can really elevate your bedroom to the next level. 

An upholstered bed frame, a frame that is covered with fabric, is much more eye-catching and cozy than a basic wooden or plastic frame that adds little to no personality to your space. If you are searching for tips on how to design a cozy bedroom, adding an upholstered bed frame would be our highest recommendation as it is a cost-efficient and easy way to accomplish an aesthetically pleasing bedroom with just one focal piece.

Here at Living Designs Furniture, we offer a wide selection of ready-to-buy upholstered bed frames that can suit any mattress — but we also offer you the ability to customize the fabric material, pattern, color, and even shape and size to suit your space and needs. We handcraft the best quality upholstered beds that you can find here in Houston for the best prices. 

Choose a color palette 

No hate if you love these hues, but not every bedroom needs to be a shade of beige or what the internet is dubbing as “millennial gray.” Sometimes, all you need is a splash of color to really update your room. Color, or a combination of colors, can set the mood for your bedroom and display your personality with a few simple touches. 

Knowing how to choose a color palette that will promote feelings of comfort, relaxation, and happiness is the key to creating a bedroom that you’ll truly love. If you love neutral tones to keep the vibes on the chill side, adding pops of color through throw pillows, your bed frame, wall decor, or even plants is a great place to start experimenting with tones. Or you can go crazy and paint your walls your favorite color! 

Add a chaise lounge

Whether you want a designated spot for relaxing or additional seating for friends, a chaise lounge can be a great addition to any bedroom! A chaise lounge is smaller than a traditional chaise sofa and can fit snugly in most bedrooms without taking up too much space. 

A chaise can be a more comfortable version of a reading chair that allows you to fully recline as you read or can serve as a relaxation spot for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time lounging in bed. As a furniture manufacturer, Living Designs Furniture can help you to create your perfect custom chaise or you can choose from our beautiful (and often discounted) in-stock pieces.  

Maximize storage with multipurpose furniture

When creating your ideal bedroom space, it’s important to be aware of ways in which you can avoid clutter. A cluttered space often leads to a cluttered mind which can have negative effects on your mental health, especially in a space like a bedroom that is meant for relaxation. Getting creative with storage is a great and effective way to ensure all of your belongings have their own place and can keep the room organized.  

Utilizing multipurpose furniture is both a cost-effective and decorative way to maximize the use of your space. Here are some ways to incorporate multipurpose furniture: 

  • Convertible seating: Having an armchair that pulls out into a chaise can provide cozy seating and a comfortable sleeping area without taking up too much space in your bedroom. 
  • Bed frame with storage: Your upholstered bed frame can double as storage space for larger belongings such as blankets, towels, shoes, and more! The design feels discreet and can eliminate excess clutter.
  • Upholstered ottoman: A bench or ottoman can have many uses including additional seating, a footrest, a chair for a desk or vanity, and extra storage space for your belongings. 

Design your dream bedroom with Living Designs Furniture

With Living Designs Furniture by your side, you can design your dream bedroom with better pieces for less money. As a furniture manufacturer, we can create top-quality bedroom furniture for a better price than our competitors. In other words, you can create your perfect room without breaking the bank! 

Whether you’re interested in one of our beloved upholstered bed frames or want to speak to a designer about a custom project, our furniture experts are here to bring your vision to life. Visit our furniture showroom in Downtown Houston today! If you’re in the market for a new mattress, our sister company, Texas Mattress Makers, can help you find your dream mattress for an affordable price.

Together, we can design your dream bedroom to be better than you ever thought possible. 

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