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March 28, 2023  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

While certain items are essential for a nursery space, nursery furniture ideas can go beyond the crib and changing table. For parents with a newborn, a nursery is not only a room for your baby, but it is also a space for you to bond with and raise your little bundle of joy. Luckily, there are many ways to design a nursery that benefit both you and your child.

Our design experts are here to give their nursery furniture ideas that will transform the way you think about traditional nursery furniture. 

What furniture do you put in a nursery?

Typical nurseries will feature a crib or bassinet, a mattress for the baby to sleep on, a rocking chair for feeding and soothing, and a changing table — these are just the basics. Depending on parents’ needs and preferences, nurseries can be as simple or elaborate as they need to be!

However, at Living Designs Furniture, we believe that the nursery should also have some beneficial pieces for mom and dad. Here are some additional nursery furniture ideas to create a more comfortable and soothing space for every member of the family.

1. A comfortable chair

Parents are always on their feet, especially moms, so actions such as feeding and rocking are typically carried out in some type of rocking chair. But let’s be honest — most rocking chairs feel so uncomfortable! And what’s worse, you will likely be sitting in that uncomfortable chair for extended periods of time. There has to be a better way.

Swap out the stiff wooden rocking chair for a more cozy and comfortable chair that you will actually enjoy sitting in. Custom accent chairs from Living Designs Furniture are the perfect way to design your dream chair with all of the functionalities you need for your nursery. Plus, you can match your cozy chair to the nursery’s color palette for a more cohesive look or turn it into a bold statement piece.

Our experts can help you to choose the best fabric for chair cushions to suit your style, but in our opinion, performance fabric is always a great investment for a nursery because it is indestructible against spills, stains, and spit-up. You can spend less time cleaning and more time bonding with your baby. 

2. Lots of storage 

Having a baby requires buying a ton of supplies to keep handy. Necessities like diapers, toys, blankets, bibs, clothes, pacifiers and more all need to be easily accessible — and in most cases, out of the baby’s reach. Storage containers such as shelves, bins, and baskets can help keep things organized and reachable as soon as you need them.

Utilizing multipurpose furniture is a great way to minimize storage space, reduce clutter, and get more bang for your buck! For example, an upholstered ottoman can serve as extra seating or a footrest for mom and dad while also storing the baby’s extra blankets. Or, a toddler bed frame can be converted into extra storage for toys or other items that you may want out of your child’s immediate reach. With our custom capabilities, Living Designs Furniture can create pieces that truly meet all of your needs. 

3. A sofa chaise for relaxation 

Now, this suggestion is purely for parents’ enjoyment. We know that having a new baby can be exhausting (trust us, we’ve been there), which is why we recommend that every parent has a place in the nursery that is purely for rest. A sofa chaise is the perfect size for a nursery and is comfortable enough for mom and dad to catch some Z’s. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this style, a sofa chaise is made up of a chaise lounge and a sofa where an arm runs a third or half the length of the seat, creating a corner that the occupant can nestle into. This piece can give you a place to nap, read, and more while your baby sleeps. We can create your perfect sofa chaise in any size and shape you desire to fit your needs and your nursery vision.  

How to furnish a nursery on a budget

Having a baby can be very, very expensive, so when money feels tight, splurging on new furniture for the nursery can feel out of reach. Although it may seem more cost-effective, fast furniture is never the answer. 

These poorly-constructed pieces can be harmful to your baby if they’re not properly assembled or inspected. There’s no need to add that extra stress to this already-stressful time! You and your baby deserve high-quality pieces that will last as your child grows up!

It’s crucial to purchase furniture from a reputable manufacturer who will deliver quality, style, and comfort every time at a great price. You need Living Designs Furniture.

Living Designs Furniture can bring your nursery furniture ideas to life!

With Living Designs Furniture, you can make all your nursery furniture ideas a reality with quality and durable pieces for affordable prices. We make all of our upholstered furniture in our Downtown Houston factory with ethically and locally sourced materials that are the best in the industry. We only want the best for your home and your family because you deserve it.

If you’re ready to create your dream nursery, come down and visit our showroom in person to see all that we have in store. Our showroom features ready-to-buy pieces that you can take home immediately, or speak with a designer today to customize your dream furniture for a fraction of the cost! 

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