Benefits of Unique Furniture in Houston

September 2, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

In a world where trends dictate what is a must-have and what is “out,” furniture in Houston can begin to look a little cookie-cutter. “Cookie-cutter” is a term that many find insulting as it tends to imply that something is completely unoriginal — so if you feel someone might use this term to describe your interior decor, you may need to rethink your furniture choices. 

Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with buying into furniture trends; but when your entire space looks as if it was copied and pasted from a magazine catalog, it can read as uninspired and lacking personality. It’s safe to say that a home that doesn’t cater to your own personal style, but rather is filled with pieces that are deemed popular, might not feel like your home. 

Investing in unique, one-of-a-kind furniture that reflects your personal taste is a great way to cultivate a space that feels like you. And with Living Designs Furniture, finding unique furniture in Houston for incredible prices is oh-so-easy. Here are some of the reasons that we believe unique furniture is beneficial for your home.

Benefit #1: Unique furniture will always outlive trendy furniture

As we mentioned earlier, trends have become the defining guide of what to buy and what not to buy, particularly on social media. And while there’s nothing wrong with a little guidance for inspiration, what is the problem with following trends? 

Today’s trend cycles move at an incredibly fast pace, and while the repercussions may not be as dire for clothing trends, furniture is seen as more of an investment. Paying $6,000 for a puffy couch only for it to be deemed “out-of-style” mere months later just feels like money down the drain.

Unique furniture, on the other hand, can’t go out of style. When you have a piece of furniture in your home that speaks to you and what you like, you won’t feel the need to replace it with the next new trend. This is a reason why we advocate for everyone to invest in custom-made furniture for their home. Custom furniture allows you to tailor every detail to your liking so it will look, feel, and perform perfectly — no settling necessary. Just look at this one-of-a-kind couch we made for a lovely customer!

Custom burnt orange couch made by Living Designs Furniture.

If you’re looking to fill your home with unique, stand-out pieces, Living Designs Furniture crafts the best custom furniture in Houston for the best prices.

Benefit #2: Unique furniture stands out

Every individual’s home should have its own unique vibe and aesthetic that feels true to them, and in our opinion, it’s always best to stand out among the crowd. Have you ever been to two separate homes but found that they look exactly the same? It’s likely that homeowners with the same decor shop at the same stores for their living room furniture

If you don’t want your home to look identical to everyone else who shops at big-name or trendy furniture stores, look into how to find unique pieces that will complement your home. 

Where can I find unique furniture stores in Houston, TX?

There is a very simple answer to this question: just put “Living Designs Furniture” into your phone’s map and viola! If you want to find furniture pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, our showroom in Downtown Houston is the place to be. 

Because we handcraft all of our pieces in our on-site factory, we have the ability to make unique designs that other stores can’t even dream of! For example, name a furniture store in Houston that can make a bed frame as Texan as this?! (Spoiler alert: you can’t). 

Texas flag custom bed frame made by Living Designs Furniture.

There aren’t many places that offer custom furniture in Houston quite like we do. They may let you change the color of the couch or the type of fabric, but if you decide to shop with us, everything can be customized — down to the comfort of the cushions. Completely unique and original furniture can only be found here at Living Designs Furniture.

Benefit #3: Unique furniture is of higher quality than fast furniture 

One of the most significant issues with fast furniture is the fact that it is mass-produced using lower-quality materials in order to keep prices low. You may have to replace these items every few years as they are more susceptible to wear and tear than high-quality furniture, costing you more money over time. Common furniture buying mistakes, such as purchasing fast furniture, can be easily avoided by shopping at the right furniture store where you can guarantee that the quality is top-tier. 

As a furniture manufacturer, Living Designs Furniture is dedicated to providing only the highest quality furniture in Texas. We employ expert craftsmen who use top-of-the-line, locally sourced materials to make every piece of furniture in our showroom. Our dedication to quality allows us to make the best furniture in Houston that will be durable, functional, long-lasting, and stylish. You won’t need to throw out a dingy sofa after just a couple of years — you can have furniture that will last a lifetime!

Find one-of-a-kind, unique furniture in Houston 

Having unique pieces in your home will elevate your home to new heights. Filling your space with pieces that speak to you is a great way to cultivate a look and feel that you love for your home. Guests will be in awe at how well your furniture fits in with your home and how distinct your aesthetic is.

If you’re on the hunt for unique furniture, Living Designs Furniture has the best furniture in Houston to choose from! We have quality, ready-to-buy furniture on our showroom floor that you can’t find anywhere else, and we can customize and create any upholstered furniture your heart desires. You’re one-of-a-kind, and your home should reflect that. 

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? When you book a free design consultation with one of our experts, we walk you through the entire process by taking a look at your space’s dimensions, learning more about your lifestyle, and helping you cultivate your vision. We make an overwhelming process simple and enjoyable so that you can be excited and confident in your furniture design choices.

Stop by our showroom in Downtown Houston or book a free design consultation with an expert to discuss your dream furniture and how we can bring your vision to life. 

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