Sarah Zubowski

Design Expert

Sarah Zubowski grew up in the factory at 4619 Navigation Blvd alongside her siblings. Although Youval Meicler never envisioned that all of his children would end up working in the business, it happened all the same. 

With an eye for fashion and design even at a young age, Sarah always had opinions about which fabrics Youval should order at trade shows and which sofa and accent chairs would sell best. It wasn’t until Living Designs Furniture was established that she took an official role with the company in sales. Customers love working with Sarah because she has a natural ability to understand their vision and assist them in making the right design choices for their homes.

While working with a customer on a project, she was introduced to Dean, her husband, who joined the family business shortly after they were married in 2019. Dean manages the factory production as well as the showroom and is dedicated to the company’s top quality standards and customer 5-star experience. 

Between the two of them, Living Designs Furniture is a place where Houstonians can bring their visions to life by shopping handmade, in-stock pieces and exploring custom options with guidance from our team, all while supporting a true local family-owned and operated business.

About our review process

At Living Designs Furniture, we prioritize offering every customer clear, credible, and evidence-based information. As a reliable source of interior design and custom furniture expertise, our content, product descriptions, and services undergo comprehensive review to guarantee their accuracy and relevance. 

Spearheaded by Sarah Zubowski, our team of experts possesses diverse knowledge, encompassing various fields such as interior design, furniture craftsmanship, and aesthetic psychology. We take pride in delivering furniture solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and relevance in the dynamic world of interior design and custom furniture.