A Guide to Mixing Furniture Styles: Which Styles Go Well Together?

September 21, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Ever thought to experiment with your home decor by mixing furniture styles? Does all furniture have to match? While some homeowners believe that all of their furniture must match in order to achieve a cohesive aesthetic, mixing furniture styles can actually bring a unique and fresh look to your home — if done properly. 

If you are interested in mixing interior design styles in your space, here are some recommendations our furniture experts can offer for you to try out for yourself! 

Our designer furniture collections are inspired by Houston, made by Houstonians, and are designed with blending styles in mind. These pieces are meant to complement one another and can fit seamlessly into any home!

Mixing traditional and modern

Can you mix traditional and modern furniture? They say that opposites attract, don’t they? Well, these polar opposite styles have become the new combo to try in 2023. Traditional furniture contains elements of classic European designs dating all the way back to the 1600s, while modern furniture features more minimalistic attributes. 

At its core, mixing modern and traditional furniture is all about blending the ornate with the simple. Traditional pieces can bring warmth and charm to a room while modern pieces provide a sleek edge to the space, allowing the bold choices of traditional furniture to further stand out. 

If you were to blend traditional and modern, a great way to execute this would be to have minimalist, modern pieces as the base furniture, a sofa for example, with traditional accent pieces such as an exquisite armchair. In fact, The Montrose Collection does a great job of mixing modern with traditional style by updating classic designs with a modern twist.

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Mixing classic and contemporary

Blending classic and contemporary styles is a way to portray a look that is both timeless and trendy. Classic furniture is essentially another name for traditional furniture, or pieces that will never go out of style. The difference between traditional vs contemporary furniture is that traditional or classic styles reflect on what has been popular in the past while contemporary furniture focuses on what is popular now. 

Mixing classic and contemporary elements would focus primarily on finishes, textures, and clean lines. A more updated sofa design can still have timeless touches by incorporating things like leather upholstery or a neutral color palette. Another great example of how you could fuse classic and contemporary into your furniture design is to purchase a classic silhouette in a trendy color, or high-contrast colors like black and white. 

If this combination speaks to you, our Heights Collection is a perfect mixture of contemporary and classic elements that can blend seamlessly into any home decor.   

Mixing modern and contemporary

While some believe that these styles are one and the same, there are stark differences between modern vs contemporary furniture. Modern furniture, as previously mentioned, focuses on minimalism inspired by the 1900s while contemporary furniture refers to styles that are trending now. Nevertheless, these two styles are not so distinct that they can’t work in harmony! In fact, they share a lot of similarities including clean lines and the use of natural materials. 

When it comes to mixing modern and contemporary styles in your furniture, you want to focus on streamlined silhouettes with an artistic flair. The flair can either be in the form of bold, contrasting colors, funky patterns, or artistic upholstery elements like nail heads. 

If you’re looking for the best contemporary or modern furniture store in Houston, our furniture experts can help you find designs that can mix these styles with ease. Our Midtown Collection would be a perfect candidate for this vision!

Mixing transitional and every other style

What if we told you that there was a style of furniture that was created purely for mixing furniture styles? Sounds like a perfect match, right? Let us introduce you to transitional furniture. 

The largest benefit to investing in transitional furniture is that these pieces are designed to complement every other style. This type of design takes inspiration from a little bit of everything — modern, contemporary, traditional — and blends these elements into a fresh look. This style is made to be versatile so that if you’re unsure of how to mix and match furniture for a living room, you can pick pieces that will work with ease.

If you’re new to furniture design, are updating your furniture collection, or need a new piece to fit into a preexisting aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with transitional furniture! The inviting and approachable look and feel is meant to suit a wide variety of tastes so you can find a piece that speaks to you. Many of our collections feature transitional elements, including The Montrose Collection and The Heights Collection mentioned above, and The River Oaks Collection

Need assistance in mixing furniture styles? Book a free design consultation with our experts to start your journey!

Mixing furniture styles is easy and attainable with the help of Living Designs Furniture’s experts. Our free design consultation allows you to speak one-on-one with a furniture expert who can help you pick the right pieces to mix and match. Whether you’re executing a room makeover or want to expand your collection, together we can come up with a design plan that is curated just for you and your home. Our experts take all of the guesswork out of mixing interior design styles, resulting in an overall home aesthetic that you will love.

If you shop at our showroom in Downtown Houston, you can browse our selection of handmade-in-Houston upholstered furniture, ask about our curated collections, or speak to a designer about customizing your very own pieces! In fact, everything in our showroom is customizable for a personalized shopping experience. 

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