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Placing Furniture in Your Living Room

Furniture placement is a core design element of your home. The right arrangement can make your living space comfy and aesthetically appealing. Placing furniture can be tricky, especially if your living spaces are too small, too large or oddly shaped. Here are some tips to help you place furniture to make any space cozy and visually appealing.

Furniture Placement Tips

  • Create clear paths – Regardless of your space’s size, maintaining a clear path from the front door to your living space is a core component to a great furniture placement scheme. Keep small furniture like end tables in tight areas such as front entryways. Create a path toward sofas and armchairs with clear, accessible walkways to reach them. Small to medium-sized furniture is best for medium-sized spaces.
  • Have sofas and chairs face each other – Create a great social space but also one that is comfortable to relax in. Keep a cluster of sofas and chairs facing each other to create an environment conducive to conversation. Also, make sure to orient your furniture in a way that works for personal downtime, when you’re watching TV or cozying up around a fireplace. Find a piece that works great for both situations and place it facing the TV. Try to find a symmetrical balance that emphasizes ease of traffic flow while still remaining visually appealing to the eye.
  • Keep living room tables within certain dimensions – A good rule of thumb is keep living room center tables 14 to 18 inches away from your sofas or chairs. This way the table is within reach but isn’t a pain to navigate around.
  • Don’t block great views – If you have a room with French doors or a giant bay window, don’t place large furniture pieces in front of them. Often these areas can define and set the tone for a room. If you have to place furniture in front of them, choose modest tables, small chairs or sofas with low backs. Not only does it emphasize these features but it also makes the room appear larger than it is, and creates a visual flow for the eyes.

  • Mix seating options – Chairs and sofas may be staples of design but they can also be stagnant and predictable choices. Mix things up by using ottomans as tables or placing a uniquely shaped chaise to shake things up design wise. There are so many seating options available that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t be afraid to play with expectations and try something new to give your living space extra appeal.

Find Unique Furniture with Living Designs Furniture

Design and place fashionable furniture the way you want with stunning furniture pieces from Living Designs Furniture. We can alter the designs, upholstery and dimensions of our furniture depending on your specifications. Custom options include, but are not limited to:

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  • Height
  • Fabric
  • Size
  • Seating Angles
  • Upholstery Details
  • Cushion Feel
  • Arm Design
  • Sofa Bed Options

We also provide a gallery of styling ideas to give you a better sense of what you can accomplish when you purchase our furniture. Contact us today to schedule a show floor consultation with one of our design associates.

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