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December 5, 2023  ·  6 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

If you’ve been searching for contemporary furniture in Houston, odds are that you are looking for ways to update your home decor. “Stale” is never a word that you want to be associated with your home’s aesthetic. Luckily, contemporary furniture is a great way to freshen and liven up any space! 

Embracing contemporary furniture should be about more than just following trends, it should instead be a reflection of your individuality and personal tastes. Whether you’re revamping your living room, bedroom, or office space, look to contemporary furniture for a plethora of options to breathe new life into your space.

What is contemporary furniture style?

Unlike other furniture styles, contemporary furniture does not mirror a specific time period. This style of furniture is reflective of what is presently popular or trending. People tend to confuse contemporary design with modern design as they think modern means “now,” but that is not the case. 

The biggest difference between modern vs contemporary furniture is that modern furniture is styled after the modernist movement of the 1900s (up until 1950) and has a very distinct look with geometric shapes, clean lines, and natural materials. On the other hand, contemporary furniture can have a number of different styles associated with it as trending furniture is ever-changing. 

Following the modern furniture movement, contemporary design pulls inspiration from different design periods including modernism, Art Deco, and minimalism. This means that you can find contemporary pieces that are completely unique and suit your current tastes perfectly. But in order to find those pieces that are just right, you’ll have to find where to buy the best contemporary furniture in Houston. 

That store is Living Designs Furniture. 

How to incorporate contemporary furniture into your home

Before you begin shopping, first ask yourself what your space is missing in terms of furniture. Does your sofa need replacing or do those armchairs need an update? When you decide what exactly it is that you need, you can begin to find your perfect pieces.  

Other contemporary furniture stores in Houston might just point you to the newest trending pieces that likely cost a fortune — but not us. We’ll help you find the exact contemporary style pieces that you’re looking for that will suit your tastes, budget, and lifestyle. 

Pair contemporary design with different styles

A great selling point of contemporary furniture is that it effortlessly merges with various decor styles, making it a versatile choice for different interior design preferences. Whether you’re a mid-century modern enthusiast or a classic collector, contemporary design has a place in any home. Our Midtown Collection and Heights Collection feature pieces that are the perfect mixture of modern, contemporary, and transitional that can pair perfectly with other furniture styles.

Can you mix contemporary furniture with traditional? Absolutely! Mixing furniture styles is a great way to create a space that feels unique to you. Blending the “then” of timeless traditional pieces with the “now” of contemporary pieces can offer a balanced look that is sophisticated yet fresh. For example, the Heights Collection blends traditional silhouettes with contemporary details for pieces that lend a level of sophistication fit for nearly any aesthetic. Just take a look at this lovely loveseat from the collection!

heights loveseat

Focus on a few statement pieces

Completely replacing all of your furniture with a new style is not always the answer, especially if you are new to contemporary design. Start out by incorporating a few contemporary statement pieces into your space. A funky sofa, a sculptural armchair, or a cozy chaise can serve as focal points in your rooms while maintaining a trendy yet elevated vibe. These pieces often define the overall style and set the tone for the space.

Strategically choosing key contemporary pieces allows you to create a cohesive and visually appealing space. These eye-catching statement pieces will reflect your personality, making a lasting impression on anyone who enters your home. 

Consider custom contemporary furniture

Here is a truth to consider when shopping for contemporary furniture: furniture that is trending now will not always be “in style.” With today’s trend cycles rapidly changing, there can be pressure to always stay on top of the latest trends, even if they don’t fit into your space, lifestyle, or current decor. This is why we always recommend seeking out contemporary pieces that incorporate your individuality — and the best way to achieve that look is through custom furniture. 

Living Designs Furniture offers custom-made contemporary furniture in Houston for unbelievable prices. Our experts can help you develop furniture that matches exactly what you envisioned for your home by adding your personal touch to any piece. Whether you create a piece from scratch or update an existing design, your trendy pieces can remain timeless because you love what you have created. 

Come to Living Designs Furniture to find contemporary furniture in Houston that you’ll love!

Finding the right contemporary furniture in Houston for your unique space and current decor can breathe new life into your home. However, knowing how to find those perfect pieces can be a little overwhelming if you’re unsure where to start. Luckily, we have an easy solution: a free design consultation with our experts at Living Designs Furniture.

There are many reasons why you should book a free design consultation with us. We offer holistic design advice that takes your individual needs, lifestyle, space, and budget into account when helping you choose or create your contemporary furniture. What other interior designers charge thousands for, we give to you for FREE! Why? Because we want you to be confident in your furniture choices for your home. 

Unlike other luxury furniture stores in Houston, we don’t stock the latest trends just like everybody else. Our innovative designs are unique to us as the manufacturer. If you choose to purchase contemporary furniture through us, your pieces will be trendy yet one-of-a-kind. What is better than that?

Visit our Downtown Houston showroom to see our full selection and take advantage of our custom capabilities or shop our best-selling models at our branch in The Woodlands.

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