Why We are Not Offering a “Memorial Day” Sale

April 30, 2024  ·  2 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

As impassioned patriots and supporters of our brave military personnel, we find ourselves profoundly disheartened by the prevailing manner in which Memorial Day is observed. The troubling reality that this sacred occasion has evolved into one of the most commercially-driven weekends of the year, rather than a moment for national cohesion and homage to our fallen heroes, is an undeniable concern.

Youval Meicler is not only the President and Owner of Texas Mattress Makers and Living Designs Furniture but also a proud veteran. Throughout his service, he bore witness to the indescribable pain endured by families grappling with the loss of their beloved in service to their country. Recognizing the unparalleled sacrifices made by our armed forces in defense of our freedoms, Mr. Meicler solemnly vowed to honor their memory and the families they left behind.

While acknowledging Memorial Day’s status as a prime weekend for furniture and mattress sales, our company is resolute in its commitment to rekindling the authentic spirit of this significant day. Therefore, every year, we close our doors in a concerted effort to restore reverence and solemnity. Rather than succumbing to the consumer frenzy, we implore our fellow Americans to pause, reflect, and honor.

Let us collectively pause to contemplate the magnificence of our nation, the liberties we enjoy, and the privileges bestowed upon us. Let us reflect upon the necessity of Memorial Day, recognizing it as a tribute to the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who made the ultimate sacrifice for these cherished freedoms and privileges. Finally, let us honor our fallen heroes by spending this day in the company of loved ones, showing respect to all who have served, and embracing a profound sense of national pride.

To our cherished customers: don’t worry about missing out on mattress or furniture deals. Our May Specials will continue throughout the month, ensuring you receive the biggest deals on all of our products.

To our local business community: we extend a heartfelt invitation to join our campaign #MemorialDayMatters. Together, let us raise awareness of the true significance of this sacred day and inspire future generations to observe it with the reverence and humility it deserves.

God Bless America,

Texas Mattress Makers & Living Designs Furniture

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