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At Living Designs Furniture, we believe in helping you create furniture that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. We understand that your home is your sanctuary and your furniture is a key aspect of what brings your family together and keeps you comfortable and supported.

This is why we prioritize the principles of quality and value over quantity and profit. We take every step necessary to deliver best-in-class furniture crafted just for you, your homespace, and all the living that happens in it.

We have the latest trends available in our showroom to spark your inspiration. Whether you are looking for the perfect couch, sectional, headboard, upholstered bed frame, sofa or chair; we can help you create it from frame to fabric. Find the perfect piece of furniture for your home without the limitations of other retailers. Choose to shop from our showroom inventory or work with our team to make a piece of your very own.

See what makes us one of the best furniture stores in Houston.

High-quality furniture handmade in Houston

Because our furniture is handmade in our on-site factory, customization, fresh designs, top quality, and attainable price points are always in stock. And with expert design services available, our team is here to meet you at any stage in your home decor journey.

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From $2,199

Locally crafted, attainably priced

At Living Designs Furniture, we make every piece we sell onsite in our Houston factory which allows us to set our own factory-direct prices. No middlemen, no mark-ups, and no compromises on quality.

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Houston’s best custom furniture makers

Our factory location in Downtown Houston offers full customization options on any piece of furniture, whether you select a model from our inventory or collaborate with us on your own unique design. Our furniture is handcrafted with our customers’ needs and tastes in mind. Get the luxury look and feel without the luxury price tag.

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We do things differently by design

Living Designs Furniture founder Youval Meicler has always been dedicated to doing things better.

No great story ever starts with someone deciding that “good enough” is good enough, and the Living Designs Furniture story is no exception.

It all started more than 40 years ago when our founder, Youval Meicler, arrived in the United States from Israel at 21. Always open to opportunity, Youval took a job sweeping floors at a furniture manufacturer, quickly making a name for himself due to his insatiable curiosity and work ethic.

From there, Youval quickly moved through the ranks, gaining first-hand experience with every aspect of furniture making and selling until finally he became president of that same store he had swept just six years earlier.

There was just one problem: Youval had seen first-hand how furniture stores and manufacturers drive up prices and sacrifice quality, and heknew he could do things better on his own. So he did.

A customer-first commitment to value and quality

Backed by his first-hand knowledge of all things furniture, Youval opened Noah’s Manufacturing in 1979, designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality furniture and bedding that combines old-world craftsmanship and innovative design. But just manufacturing furniture didn’t allow Youval to pass his savings on to the consumers the way he envisioned. So once again, he took matters into his own hands and opened his first retail operation, Texas Mattress Makers.

After applying his principles of integrity, quality, and value at Texas Mattress Makers, Youval opened Living Designs Furniture to ensure all Houstonians have access to high-quality, handmade furniture that can be endlessly customized to suit their needs, taste, and budget.

Come experience the handmade difference for yourself

At Living Designs Furniture, we take cost and complication out of the custom furniture equation. From gorgeous pre-made furniture to 100% custom pieces and every variation in between, our team of designers and furniture experts is on-hand to help you choose the perfect option for your and your lifestyle.

Come and visit us at our factory showroom in Downtown Houston to shop our inventory or work with our team to make a piece of your very own.

Interested in Custom Furniture? Let’s Talk!

Fill out the form with as much information as possible and one of our representatives will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your custom furniture needs. Need a faster response? Call (713) 921-5098 during normal business hours to speak with a designer.