Noah’s Manufacturing x Houston Children’s Charity

May 2, 2023  ·  3 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Noah’s Manufacturing at its core is a family — in the literal sense, we are a family business, owned and operated as such since our establishment. In a symbolic way, we are a family of Houstonians, working together to provide the best possible mattresses and furniture for our community. Being that we are a family business, we have unique perspectives and intentions; we strive to make business decisions that impact the community around us for the better. 

Youval Meicler, President of Noah’s Manufacturing, believes that success is measured by the amount in which you give back. Whether monetarily or through volunteering, giving back to Houston has always been the core of our business. Youval never misses the opportunity to make a difference through action and investment and is committed to supporting Houston in any way he can. It was this mission that led Noah’s Manufacturing to partner with Houston Children’s Charity in 2013. 

Houston Children’s Charity is dedicated to supporting Houston children with everything from nourishment to education. When we formed our partnership, we decided the best way we could participate was to establish “A Better Night Sleep Program”. This program is known as our 1:1 bed distribution. During specified times of the year, every mattress purchase over $500 qualifies for a twin-size bed donation to a child in need. Through this program, not only is Noah’s Manufacturing providing children with beds, but so are the patrons of Texas Mattress Makers. 

A Better Night Sleep Program” provides twin-size beds, bed frames, and bedding for children who otherwise would sleep in overcrowded beds or worse, on the ground. It is well known that sleep is a critical part of a child’s development and health. Having proper sleep affects everything from physical growth to brain function. When Youval learned about the number of children without beds in Houston, he became personally motivated to make an impact. 

Since 2013, Noah’s Manufacturing has donated over 5,000 beds to Houston children. On a monthly basis, lines of cars fill up the East End of Downtown in our factory parking lot with children and their families, eager and grateful to receive their beds. There is nothing more heartwarming than the look in a child’s eyes as they see volunteers holding their very own bed, knowing that they have a safe and warm place to rest their heads. 

In addition to A Better Night’s Sleep Program, Noah’s Manufacturing has donated three handicapped-accessible vans to deserving children and their families. The keys to these vans represent so much more than we could possibly imagine. They represent freedom, security, ease, independence, and quality of living for handicapped children and their families. 

Through donations, auction items, and volunteering, Texas Mattress Makers and Living Designs Furniture continue to impact the lives of Houston children for the better. At the end of the day, much like in family; our future starts with our children. 

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